How should dress the bride's godmother

How should dress the bride's godmother

As the mother of the bride, the wedding of his daughter is very important. It is a day to be remembered for that reason, his attire is crucial.
Traditionally, after the bride, the second most important female figure in a wedding is the godmother. It is recommended that the design is simple and, above all, it does not compete with the bride.

Never, for any reason, must be white, in fact, avoid like the white tones such as beige or gray low. So if you're close to officiate as godmother, pay close attention!

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It may take a coat of the same fabric or a scarf or pashmina. Always wear stockings and the shoe is the type most suitable room with the heel not too high. The bag of hand. It will be more appropriate to bring the hair up and makeup classic and discreet, with special emphasis on the eyes, which will become the protagonists.

The most elegant hairstyle l got to be a low, and never a hair loose. With the hat you can wear bare shoulders and arms, but never wear pashminas or scarves while a hat. Only a supplement.
The makeup is right for daylight, but checking the mouth.
The sponsor is the only one who can wear a dress during the morning, better in light colors and no bright fabrics. The hat is strictly for short dress.

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