Wedding reception of princes and Daniel Victoria

Wedding reception of princes and Daniel Victoria

The Royal Palace, preferred scenario of the Royal Family Swedish major events, housed in the Hall of State, and the three adjoining rooms, the wedding reception of princes Victoria and Daniel. Of the 1,200 guests who attended the religious ceremony only half, due to space problems at the palace, also attended the banquet. The first entered the room about 19:30 pm and the last royal guests and senior members of the Swedish Royal Family, after 20:00 hours. The Prince and Princess of Sweden-Daniel for the first time wearing the insignia (badge and blue band) Knight of the Order of Seraphim, made their entrance at 20:15 pm in a decorated room where they waited up all your guests and accommodated.

The main table in the form of T, which ran along the hall, home to the 98 highest-ranking guests and concluded with a table of honor for the bride and groom and their closest relatives, sixteen in total. Victoria and Daniel occupied the central seat of the presidential table. To the right of the Princess was his father, King Carl XVI Gustaf, on the right of Daniel Prince, Queen Silvia and together with the sovereign, the prince's parents Daniel and Ewa Olle Westling. The main members of the Spanish royal family took their seats at the center table. Queen Sofia sat between Henrik of Denmark and the President of Iceland, Ólafur Ragnar Grimsson, Prince Felipe was among Gunnila Countess Bernadotte and Princess Benedikte, sister of Queen Margrethe and Princess Letizia, between the minister Carl Bidt and Marshal of the Realm, Svante Lindqvist. The other guests were accommodated in the 38 round tables of eight people willing to either side of the main table and the three adjoining rooms of the Orders of Chivalry. A fourth room functioned as a mobile kitchen to assist the kitchen has been specially installed for the occasion in the courtyard of the Palacio Real. After the greetings of King Carl XVI Gustaf and words of welcome to new member of the Swedish Royal Family, the guests began to enjoy the banquet.

The decor of the rooms was careful as possible. A frame of blue velvet with chaired national coat of arms the refurbished Hall of State. The pavilion was designed by Jean Eric Rehn and the coat of arms and other details were created in Paris for the coronation of Adolf Fredrik in 1751. Damask tablecloths and napkins over one hundred years old, wore the exquisite tables. Completed its ornamentation great services of china and glassware, and cutlery, candlesticks and silver centerpieces. Beautiful floral arrangements of pink roses, peonies, sweet peas, hydrangeas, lilacs and lilies of the valley, reflecting light and the harmony of the Swedish summer, gave the note of color and a show of pink flowers of different hues, as if they were floral paintings, decorated the eight blind windows of the room. Fragrances of a night to remember.


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