Bridal beauty plan

Bridal beauty plan

The face is the mirror of the soul. Face looks fresh and hydrated for makeup just have to polish it. For our skin to fully absorb the active ingredients of the moisturizing creams and gels must be clean. Only in this way the principles that provide beauty treatments are most effective. So facial cleansing is the first step of any treatment moisturizer.

The facial skin is very delicate and should be cleaned at least twice a day but without exceeding as excessive cleaning may dry. The cleaning process requires only a few minutes but the results are optimal in the long term. As a general rule remember that the skin should not stretch at all, and that movements of implementation of hygiene products should always be up and circulars were analyzed using the fingertips. This will activate the microcirculation of the area.

The basic steps of proper facial hygiene go by the use of a cleansing milk in the neck and face which serve to remove traces of makeup and eliminate impurities. If you use sponges avoids facial plastic and stick to natural or the soft bristle brush should be kept clean and dry.

The use of tonic or astringent is desirable but not essential. Its traditional role has been to clean the waste cleanser and help close the pores but now modern cleaning treatments combine these effects in a single product.

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