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Rings are also given as love tokens from a husband to his wife on the event of their 30thwedding anniversary. Pearls are traditionally the gift for that annum, and many couples re-pledge their troth. A pearl ring can be worn as an engagement ring for young couples as well, and replaced with a matched diamond set later in life. The pearl can be worn on the right hand thereafter, or set aside as a gift for the firstborn daughter.

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Golden Pearl Ring With Emerald

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Big Gray Pearl Ring

Pearl Rings With Diamonds A pearl ring often signifies a promise between two young lovers who are not yet ready for marriage, but vow to stay true to each other. In some cases, a father may give his daughter a ring, as a sign that he trusts her not to allow herself to be sullied by boys. Such promise rings often feature pearlsbecause pearls are also a symbol of purity and virtue.

The combination of white gold and pearl enhances the shine of the pearl and renders it more lustrous than when seen alone. Precious and lustrous pearls set in white gold along with a dash of radiant diamonds here and there can make it look ‘celestial’. The brilliance of the pearl along with the sparkling diamonds and the white gold can look perfect for any occasion. Pearl rings look best with white gold or platinum. They also look great with sterling silver. Though yellow gold is used to craft pearl rings, white metals best suit pearls.

Sweetly Pink Pearl Ring With Diamonds

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