Outdoor Wedding Ceremony Equipment

An outdoor wedding ceremony can be an ideal option for your wedding. Many couples are now opting for an outdoor wedding ceremony because not only does it save expenses but it also communes with nature and adds to the beautiful and natural ambience of the ceremony. There aren’t a lot of things to prepare for the outdoor wedding ceremony since nature is beautiful already. One would just need to enhance the area with complementing decorations. If you opt to have the outdoor wedding reception at the same place as your outdoor wedding ceremony then all the better since the decorations would all be similar and they would not need to be transferred too far.


Many wedding ceremonies and rites include candles which either need to be lit or are already lit. An outdoor wedding ceremony will have the wind element to contend with when candles feature in the ceremony. You have the option of placing your candles in a cyclone lamp glass container or a glass enclosure that allows the candle to be lit from the top without exposing the flame to open air and healthy gusts of wind. Other options for candles are those that cannot be blown out like trick candles.

Wedding Dresses And Clothes

The outdoor wedding ceremony might be marred when the wind blast through the entourage and flips the bridesmaids dresses. One way of avoiding this mishap is to have the dresses done with heavy materials that are not so easy to move in the wind. If this is not easy to do, you might want to anchor the dresses with heavy lace at the hem or have a heavier outer skirt for the outdoor wedding ceremony only, which can be taken off at a more convenient time. In the case that the skirt is already made of a heavy material be on the look out for winds that might sweep away the bride’s veil. Heavy satin is an ideal material for skirts while brocade will also do for wedding guests.


Outdoor wedding photography is something that should be discussed with your photographer. Since electricity may be limited, make sure that the photographer is aware of the limitations. Other things that you might like to discuss with your photographer about your outdoor wedding ceremony are which guests you want to have your picture taken with, the sequence of pictures that need to be taken after the outdoor wedding ceremony and which moment you want to be sure that the photographer will take. Expect several retakes of some poses since the light and the wind are some of the things which may interfere with the photographer’s work.

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