The Wedding Car Decoration Idea

Wedding car is an important aspect of the wedding ceremony. There are various ways you can decorate your wedding car. Nowadays innovative and creative ideas can be seen in wedding car decorations. Simple car décor with fresh flowers are all time favorites. In case of vidaai the bridal car should be decorated with fresh flowers. If the car is of white color than you can use flowers like red roses or any bright color flowers, as it will look bright and colorful. Today car decor is given a lot of attention as people has become more fashion conscious and realized the importance of having a completely coordinated and organized wedding celebration. Today lots of attention is paid to minute details to make a memorable wedding ceremony. Nowadays weddings are theme based so the theme or color scheme used is coordinated with all aspects of the wedding. For example if red and yellow are color schemes used on wedding cards, gift wrapping, mandap decor etc. than you can decorate your car with the same color drapes or flowers. Fresh flowers if used can be arranged as bouquets and placed aesthetically or you can put bunch of flowers with netted cloth or satins. Among the other options you can opt for are artificial flowers with satin, organza or netted clothes or else you can try dried flowers. Not only flowers there are other accessories like satin ribbons, zari doris, colorful threads, bows, mirror artifacts, hangings, tissue, net and bandhani drapes. Balloon décor is also in trend nowadays. You can decorate your car with colorful heart shaped balloons and net. Balloons give an unconventional look to the décor. For this car decoration florists are available who are specialized in this kind of wedding car décor. You can give them the assignment. You can give your own innovative ideas and he will do those changes accordingly. Customized car décor arrangements are available as per car model even artificial garlands are also available. You can decorate your car with those artificial flowers. These ready made accessories are easy to fix and takes very less time. The cost of the decoration varies depending on the designs and material used.

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