Aishwarya Rai Mother Message Wedding Dress for Candidate Daughter

Even though the wedding date of Abhishek Bachchan and Aishwarya Rai have not been announced officially, but the preparation for the happy day was done Rai family.

Ibunda Rai, Brinda Rai, it is reported has requested Sharbari Datta celebrated designer based in Kolkata, to design clothes for the bridegroom men, abhishek. Traditional clothing of this plan will be given as a gift for the bride's trousseau men.

Currently Sharbari Datta has been working on some of the clothes for the abhishek, and propose the akan clothes make the man a traditional class, aristikrat but still not outdated. Sharbari also designed the clothes of men, such as the sherwani and achkan for use in day special pair Hollywood's top board.

The clothes are designed without leaving traditional Indian clothing is made in various types of color except black, which according to belief in India is considered less good for use in weddings or other hajatan.

Rumor says Ash and Abhi will be married in February this. This confidence Chandrashekhar Swamy with the description, from the Bachchan family, the couple will be married before March.

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