Empire Wedding Dresses

An empire wedding dress

has a high waist gathered close to the breasts. Other forms are gathered under the breasts depending on ones taste. The skirt worn is normally long and flows as one walks. These gowns have a loose allowance below the breasts. The Empire wedding dress is ideal for brides, with both pear as well as apple-shaped bodies because it flatters their, stomach, thighs as well as busts. Since the gown has a long flowing skirt, it creates an illusion of height on short women.

Both Greek and Romans developed the empire wedding dress in the ancient times. This model is ideal for warm weather because it is less restrictive. Women preferring elevated busts wear these gowns during their wedding ceremonies. The gathering effect below the breast makes the breasts to appear larger. Due to increase desire for the empire wedding dress, many designers have cropped it up with different models that retain the old model features. Models differ on materials used in manufacture as well as the design.

Some designers use embroidery to add some pattern to the dress thus, making it unique and presentable. Common fabric materials used include cotton, silk, satin, chiffon and any other fabrics. These fabrics have a flowing characteristic thus, enhancing the feminine features. Other models have beads embedded on the fabric. The cost of these gowns also differs depending on beads and jewels embedded on the fabric.

Some empire wedding dress models have formal designs while others are informal. This is meant to cater for diversified tastes of women. A casual model has a simplified solid shaded fabric that has beads. Casual models are easily maintained thus, a preferable choice for many women. Casual models are also ideal for women that prefer stylish or fancy weddings. New methods of decorating these wedding gowns have cropped up. Example of these includes use of colorful ribbons. Ribbons fitted near the bust produce a fine pattern. One should choose a ribbon color that matches well with the wedding dress.

Women that prefer formal wedding gowns are not left out, because designers have models that fit perfectly for such preferences. Such wedding dresses have simplified sleek lines. Such models lack decorative and exaggerated jewels. There are many shops and stores for these gowns. The best place to get a high quality empire wedding dress is in a local wedding dress store. In such stores, one tries out many different gowns thus, giving one a chance to choose the best fitting wedding gown.

Apart from relying on local stores, another reliable source is online stores and boutiques. Online stores have numerous types and models of empire wedding dress thus giving one a wide diversity of choice. Online boutiques, allow one compare price lists displayed by different traders. This gives one an opportunity to buy the best quality dress at affordable costs. Online boutiques record higher sales than traditional wedding stores especially due to the empire wedding dress and because of availability of shipping services. This saves one, transport expenses. Online traders, have an advantage of marketing their wares to many different people due to the internet.

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