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Your bridesmaid dresses will be a big part of the look of your wedding. Although solid colors have always been the most popular choice, there is nothing to say that you have to play it safe when it comes to the dresses that your attendants will wear. These are some ideas on pretty patterned bridesmaid dresses that are perfect for any wedding style.

It might seem like a print would only work on bridesmaid dresses for an informal wedding, but this is definitely not the case. For a black tie wedding, a stunning look for your bridesmaids would be a floor length gown in a pewter color with a black brocade design. To make it even more luxurious, look for a dress that is created with the design in cut velvet or devoré - yum! Add bridesmaid jewelry sets created from jet black crystals or lustrous pewter colored pearls for the perfect finishing touch.

Prints for daytime weddings can really run the gamut from sophisticated to playful to country. On the more elegant side would be a toile done in a limited color palette. This is a classic print that works best on simple cuts, like strapless A-line gowns. You can use a toile bridesmaid dress in almost any setting, indoors or outdoors. It is even possible to order toile that is designed in themes that fit in with your wedding (such as scenes of Nantucket). Sets of pearl bridesmaid jewelry will top off this timeless dress beautifully.

Of course, floral prints are always lovely, and you will have many great options for your attendants' dresses. One of the most original is to choose simple dresses made from Liberty print fabric. This iconic small floral is printed on a soft cotton fabric that would be wonderful for an informal wedding in a garden. Wedge espadrilles would look fantastic for the bridesmaids' shoes with a Liberty print dress.

If you prefer a more bold floral print, check out some of the large scale graphic florals that are in style this season. They are often done in a high contrast palette, such as cream and black. This design looks particularly great when it "grows" up from the hem of the dress and gets more sparse at the top. Not only will the dresses have great visual interest, but they will not be too bold by your bridesmaids' faces.

Stripes are a fresh idea for bridesmaid dresses at any time of the year. They can be done in so many ways. A crisp blue and white stripe looks nautical and classic, perfect for a wedding by the ocean. Add some flair with shoes or jewelry in a bright color like lemon or cherry red. If you are looking ahead to a winter wedding, stripes can be rich and elegant when done in deeper tones such as aubergine and chocolate in a full length gown.

When you are thinking about patterned bridesmaid dresses, one other design to consider is plaid. Plaid can be used for an entire dress, or as a sash on a solid color. You can use a red tartan for a Christmas wedding, a bright madras for a summer afternoon, or even a menswear inspired houndstooth print for something totally unexpected.

Be open to interesting prints and designs when you start shopping for your bridesmaid dresses. The right pattern can make their dresses so much livelier than a basic solid color. And if you choose well, your bridesmaids may even be able to wear their pretty patterned dresses again in the future.

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