Fedora Hat for Boy

Have you noticed that the fedora is making a comeback in boys’ fashion this fall? This distinct hat typically sports a creased crown and possibly pinches which mimic the wearer’s finger marks. One of the neatest things about the fedora was the tradition of rolling it up when not in use. This practice stored the hat easily while only pronouncing the signature creased look. The hat which was just a flip away seems back to stay! Fedoras don’t just look tough, they are. The weather didn’t slow Dick Tracy or Indiana Jones, to give two character witnesses. So, why wouldn’t a little man want the same strength? Excellent defense against sun, wind and rain, the fedora withstands boyhood adventures with charm. Reminding us of detectives and heroes, gangsters and villains, fedoras are timeless. From the 40′s and 50′s to the 80′s the spotlight found them. Once paired with a trench coat in the movie classic Casablanca by actor Humphrey Bogart, the fedora was later tipped to American teen horror-flick fans by sweater-wearing Freddy Krueger. Clearly, this trend is still going strong. What could be more attractive than a vintage look with such flexibility? The fedora hat travels well from casual to dress, denim to jacket attire. While generally found in neutral colors such as black, tan or gray in the past, fedoras of today offer a wide variety of colors and even patterns. With many retro looks on the rise, the fedora is fast becoming a valuable accessory for boys of all ages.

Fedoras are the perfect addition for any stylish little boy! This trendy boy's fedora hat features a gray herringbone pattern with a black band.

Trendy fedora hat for boy

Popular fedora hat for boy with gray color

Trendy fedora hat for boy for your beach day

Fashionable fedora hat for boy with gray color and black band

Cute fedora hat for boy with shiny red band

Cool black of fedora hat for boy

Cool brown of fedora hat for boy

Funny color of fedora hat for boy

Black fedora hat for boy

Popular white of fedora hat for boy with black band

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