Black Wedding Design

You want your wedding other than the others ...??
Try to using black in your wedding design !!

It used to be that using black in your wedding design was strictly taboo. Black was considered to be too somber to incorporate into a festive occasion. Times have changed, however, and there are some very chic and elegant ways to use black in your wedding.

When you think about black, most young people associate it with being stylish and sophisticated, as in the little black dress. If you ask your grandmother what black reminds her of, though, she is likely to answer a funeral. The trick is to use black in a way that invokes its stylish side, not its somber side. The way to achieve this is to think of black as an element to create decorative patterns and designs, instead of using it in big solid chunks.

For the perfect inspiration for an elegant use of black, you must view the Audrey Hepburn film My Fair Lady. The scene at the Ascot races is one of the most absolutely incredible uses of a black and white color scheme that you will ever see. The dramatic use of black and white patterns, shapes, and forms (the hats!) is the height of elegance and style. There is certainly nothing depressing about the way black was used in this scene.

Another place to look for ideas on how to use black to great effect is Truman Capote's famous Black and White Ball of the 1960s. The world's most fabulous people gathered, all dressed in black and white, and held one of the most famous parties of all time. Although you will probably not be telling your guests what to wear, you can definitely use this as inspiration for the attire for the bride and groom and the wedding party.

The place to start with your wedding design is the attire. There are many very stylish bridal gowns available these days with a black on white design. This is seen most often in the form of embroidery, often in a scroll design. The men are easy: tuxedos will provide them the elegant look of black and white.

For the bridesmaids, you will want to choose carefully. Although many wedding parties these days do wear simple black dresses, you might want to investigate other alternatives. A whole group of women in solid black dresses does get away from the festive feeling you want a wedding to have, no matter how practical they may be. Spend the time to seek out dresses that have a color mixed in with black.

If you prefer to keep a limited color palette, one very chic idea would be to dress your bridesmaids in pewter colored satin dresses with black sashes or ribbons at the waist. For the richest black possible, velvet ribbons would be ideal. You can finish off the look with dramatic bridesmaid jewelry sets created from jet black Swarovski crystals or fabulous black pearls. The interesting thing about using jet crystals in your bridesmaid jewelry sets is that they can read either as very modern or a little bit Victorian. Black pearls will simply look luxurious.

It is certainly possible to use black in your wedding design in a way that suits the occasion. Done well, the sharpness of black against white creates a crisp and elegant design scheme. Find ways to use black in your wedding that are creative and rich looking for a fabulously sophisticated effect.

By : Phie


Search for a Black Wedding Dresses

It may seem like a very not-so-traditional approach to a wedding ceremony, a lot of bride-to-bes out there is into finding their ideal black wedding dress. The idea may not be much of a hit compared to the traditional white dress; but it is indeed a great and a one-of-a-kind option.

If you happen to be the type who can't help but picture herself in a black wedding dress, then you must find out about the handful of bridal companies you might want to look through in order for you to score that unique gown.

The Wedding Wardrobe

This store has a variety of dresses to choose from, they offer not only one black wedding dress but quite a few more styles. One of the most popular selection that they have is the Xena, embellished with hand sewn beads, fully-boned bodice accentuated by a pull back corset. There's a mixture of jet black Swarovski crystals and AB on a plain black silk bodice. The skirt is a narrow A-line skirt with a front drape that is detachable and a full length train that is also detachable. It was originally meant to be a black wedding dress but now, it is available in white, ivory, antique ivory, gold, burgundy and red.


Another great store to guide you in your search for the black wedding dress, no doubt is it a recognizable name. First established in 1901, currently one of the nation's leading fashion retailers that offers various high-quality apparel, shoes, accessories for men, women and children all over the country

You have big selection to choose from for your favorite black wedding dress. Their website also provides links to a different website that offers the same style of dresses just in case you can't seem to find the one that you like with them.


Certainly you'll get a slice of critique pounded on your unconventional black dress, but keep in mind it is YOUR wedding, it's your day, so disregard whatever other people say.

The color black has been stereotyped with death and grimness, however, the color black is rumored to protect one from pain and misfortune because the color can repel the vibrations from negative energy.

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Black Wedding Dress

Black wedding dresses are the choice of many brides today, as they pick this color not just for the slimming effect, but for the classy and elegant aura that it projects. Black doesn't have to feel funereal if the dresses are in the right designs. Not only that, these dresses are great if you want to make a statement.

Black wedding dresses are usually associated with themed weddings such as Halloween. But those aren't the only times when you can have a black wedding dress. If all black is too much for you, you can incorporate this color with other colors like white, silver of red. These will make the black less sombre and perfect for your wedding. Fabric wise, choose material that is light and airy and avoid dark and heavy makeup. This will make the black more suitable for a wedding.

Style wise, these dresses are most suitable when they come in close fitting gowns, which is very flattering. You can also opt for full ball gown skirts, but they should be paired with a tight fitting bodice. Go strapless, or if you must have sleeves, pick sheer sleeves. When wearing a black dress, choose simple jewelry that will not overpower you and make you look cluttered. That way you will be the picture of sheer elegance.

When trying to purchase your perfect black wedding dress, you need to do your shopping much earlier as there are not that easy a style and color to look for. You also need to be open to other alternatives such as bridesmaids' dresses or prom dresses that are readily available in black. Another alternative is for you to order your black wedding dress online, or o have one custom made for you. That way you will surely find the right style and design made just for you.

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Wedding Dress and Feng Shui

Did you know that the traditional Chinese bride has always been dressed in red? It is believed that wearing red on your wedding day stimulates joy, love, and strength within an individual and therefore the couple. Red is also strongly associated with the following combinations- prosperity and abundance, fame and reputation, love and relationships. This exciting and vivid color promotes romance, wealth, and happiness. What more reasons does one need to wear an elegant red wedding dress?

And a color so close to red is orange. Orange is associated with purpose and organization and can be used to strengthen concentration and creativity. This positive color offers the ability to portray enthusiasm and ambition as well as encouraging a lifetime of warm communications with her love one, especially when it is her second wedding.

A vibrant yellow is what brides want to wear if they want to brighten and bring lighter energies to their wedding. Strong yellow colors are associated with intuitive insight, joy, creativity, and wisdom. They encourage the ability to be flexible and adaptable. And doesn't the bride (and the rest of the wedding party) need the ability to be flexible and adaptable?

Are you having a winter wedding? Then please wear lighter yellows or ecrus which are the couture color du jour to wear. These colors are associated with the element of earth and promote good health. Pale yellows or ecrus also are unifying colors and encourage the bride and groom to always answer..."I do".

Are you environmentally inclined? Or have a bit of Irish in you? Then a gown of any shade of green will be best. Wearing green on your special day is an auspicious choice for a young bride. Green is considered to be a restful, refreshing color that can produce an atmosphere of balance. It is also believed that green symbolizes optimism as well as an eagerness to expand the couple into a family. One plus one equals two...or do we hear four?

Have you dreamed all your life of a beach/water wedding? Then the color for your gown on this special day ought to be blue. For blue is associated with exploration and adventure. Blues are simply heavenly as they encourage cool heads and calm hearts, which are most important when children are an integral part of the ceremony. Imagine the bride and groom dressed in blues resulting in an air of trust and peace for all to experience. Ugh!

And of course, there is always the western tradition of wearing white. Western belief is that white symbolizes confidence, purity, and poise. Within Feng Shui, it is also associated with the combinations of love and relationships, creativity and children, and helpful people and travel. Since white blends all of the colors, it is a symbol of harmony and purity. Need I say more?

Yet lest not forget, regardless the colors of the all their glory the Bride and Groom will shine their radiance on this day that they become Husband and Wife. So when you hear, 'Here comes the Bride, all dressed in...'Stand, smile, and turn to see the bride all dressed in.

By : Phie

Beach Wedding Dresses

Beach weddings are fast becoming a trend now days. A lot couples want to move away from traditional weddings and have started opting for theme based weddings. And beach wedding is one of the more popular ones. The reasons why beach weddings are popular are that these can be arranged in a relatively shorted duration, can do with less decorations and is comparatively informal than traditional one.

So, if you have decided to have your wedding at a beach, you are going to pick up a dress which goes with this theme. The traditional gown and veil won't do. Think about it, you are going to make a mess of your beautiful dress on a beach if it is a long flowing white satin gown with a long train. The dress could end up in a mess. While choosing your dress you will have to make sure that you are very comfortable in it. Since the wedding is on a beach, it should not be long.

You can go for a lightweight material like chiffon, silk, linen or satin. It is best if it is pretty simple. A simple yet elegant wedding dress would add to the romantic setting on the beach. A sarong would make a lovely wedding dress if you can carry it well along with a nice halter top. You can also go for a strapless or spaghetti straps which would look very beautiful on the beach. You can also go a bit different than traditional white dress. There are various themes within beach theme like Hawaiian theme, carnival theme etc. Hawaiian theme would make a very good and colorful choice. Its your choice, have it your way.

Apart from the dress, special considerations should be given to the wedding footwear as well. Nice heels matching with the wedding dress may look good but they would be impractical to wear on a beach. For a beach wedding, brides should opt of either flat sloes or even barefoot. Sand can be pretty hot during summers therefore keep that in mind if you are planning to be barefoot.

By : Phie


Men's Beach Wedding Dress

If you've already decided to have a beach wedding then let me congratulate you on making a wonderful choice. Beach weddings can be some of the most romantic and memorable of weddings no matter what your budget happens to be. After all, the beach and the ocean provide a priceless setting, so all you have to do is properly fill in the details.

When considering men's beach wedding attire the number one rule is to follow the bride's lead. You will want the groom and the groomsmen to be within a certain range of the bride's vision, but after that choosing your clothes can be a simple, painless, and yes, even a pleasurable endeavor.

The simple guide for men's beach wedding attire is to stick with cotton and linen clothing. Cotton and linen are "breathable fabrics" that will allow the men wearing them to look good as well as feel comfortable. Seersucker suits and clothing are basically just another form of cotton clothing, so that can always fit the bill nicely.

Fortunately, there are many places to shop for "dress casual" beach style clothing. There are many "tropical" stores and websites that will have a wide variety of choices if you are going with a Hawaiian feel for your wedding. But don't overlook the Cuban, Caribbean, Latin and South American wear that is also available with the click of the mouse.

Many a groom and his groomsmen have been the hit of the beach wedding (after the bride of course!) when they show up in the beach "dress casual" wear from Cuba, Argentina, or some other culture that the guests are not very familiar with. There are many, many wonderful choices for your men's beach wedding attire if you take the time to look.

Most of the color themes of men's wedding attire are your basic whites, tans, and browns, and even orange. They alone can be classy and comfortable, but don't be afraid go with more robust colors, as long as it adds a little flourish to the brides overall theme. Just make sure it does not clash too much with what the bride is going for or you may find yourself regretting your attempt to add some piazza to your wedding ceremony.

To sum up, remember that you will be standing on a potentially hot beach, fully clothed. Cotton and linen are probably your best choices. Seersucker is also cotton and comes in many looks. Stick with the general tone the bride has set and you should be not just looking spectacular, but feeling good too. Now that you've got the right information I'm sure whatever you choose will be right for the setting and right for you.

By : Phie


The Purple Wedding

Deciding on a purple wedding is a royal and romantic choice. Purple used to be a privilege that only kings and queens can afford. This is because it took some costly dyes to put together the perfect shade of purple. Fortunately, these days purple come in different interesting shades and hues in dainty things that make for that luxurious purple wedding. Moreover, purple is also associated with spirituality, dignity, value, and delicateness.

The lighter hues of purple such as lavender and lilac are perfect themes for spring and summer weddings while deep purples and eggplant go well during fall and winter seasons. Now that the right choice for a purple wedding has been confirmed, it is time to get into the creative ideas for a purple wedding.

1. If you are planning to hold the wedding in a grand ballroom, then using royal purple as an overall effect will match the low and serene lights. In the outdoors, using the natural sundown lights can make a royal purple garden wedding extra ordinarily enchanting.

2. Dash with a little bit of lavender and lilac on the dresses. Softer hues for the gowns give it a dramatic effect. Bridesmaids' gowns that come close to pink give a feeling of femininity and lightheartedness. Adding up some accents with fresh green colors is a fashionable fit.

3. Be bold on the sashes and runners. Ultra purple to outline the long tables will look dashing and enticing for the guests. Match this with big dark purple ribbons at the back of chairs. Put in some diamond-white, charcoal gray or lustrous platinum trimmings for that crisp and sophisticated look.

4. Set up an elegantly purple and silver table setting. Use a gentle and fresh purple palette on the tablecloth. Set up a shiny and new silver flatware, fine china, and immaculate white table napkins. At the center, place bright purple orchids in a bunch of glossy colored rocks.

5. Mix up with dark and light shades on the flowers. Iris is an attractive flower for a deep purple bouquet and is not that expensive. The osteospermum flower from the daisy family has whites with purple cores or in purple but with white centers. Little white baskets full of purple flowers are also nice to be hung with the lights and foliage.

6. Seriously consider purple silk flowers and silk ivy. Silk flowers look authentic but are safe against wilting, heat, or wind. Thus, they can be placed way ahead of time. Purple silk rose petals can be sprinkled in areas like the buffet, swimming pool, church aisles or guest book tables.

7. Give away precious favors in delicately light purple sheer organza bags. Jelly beans, square French soaps, seashells or starfish candles, Jordan almonds, champagne bubbles candy and other nice little favors can be placed in this sheer lavender or lilac organza bags. Seal it with a silver satin drawstring and it will give that magical feeling to the guests by the end of your people wedding.

There is nothing that can be as beautiful and sophisticated as a purple wedding, especially when you incorporate those bright and creative ideas into them.

By : Phie


True Color Wedding Gown

Westerners think of white wedding gowns as "traditional," but they've really only been in vogue for about 150 years. If you want to go with the latest in modern daring by adding a little color, you're actually going seriously old school.

Gray wedding gowns were favored by working-class women up through the Victorian era because the color was seen as "respectable," and it wore well over time, which meant a practical bride could re-use her wedding dress as her Sunday best dress for the next year or two.

But gray wedding dresses aren't all drudgery. The traditional wedding dress rhyme says
"Married in grey, you'll go far away," which suggests some exciting travel if you have a case of wanderlust. And no matter what its origins, a pearly gray wedding dress looks beautiful and luxurious.

Brown wedding dresses were for country girls, and the wedding rhyme agreed: "Married in brown, you'll live out of town." It's a great choice if you're committed to life in the fresh air, if you prefer to avoid fabric bleaches or dyes that can be harmful to the environment, or if you'd just like to set off dark eyes and hair.

Purple wedding gowns have always been rare in Europe and America - they don't even appear in the wedding gown rhyme. This is partly because purple dyes used to be the most expensive, and by extension purple clothes became associated with royalty, and royalty only. Later, deep purples were adopted by widows who were phasing out of black mourning clothes.

Both of those associations are long gone, though, so feel free to purple it up! If you're not feeling quite that avant-garde, a soft lavender gown makes for a gown that's beautiful and wonderfully unusual.

Blue is a lovely choice for a wedding dress, and it's respectable through and through. Blue is associated with fidelity, which was one of the reasons for the "something blue" you're supposed to wear or carry as you go down the aisle. The rhyme says, "Married in blue, you'll always be true," so a blue dress is a nice promise to your groom, but superstition says it helps ensure he'll only have eyes for you too.

The symbolism of Green wedding dresses is either really good or really bad, depending on who you ask. Before Christianity became widespread in Europe, green was considered a terrific color for a wedding dress because it was associated with fertility, but as Christianity spread, it fell out of favor because it was associated with Paganism. In the British Isles, green was considered a dangerous color for a wedding dress because it was the color of the fairies, and drawing their attention was asking for trouble. (Some sources say that Irish women were the exception and often wore green, and some say that Irish women found green wedding dresses especially unlucky. If you're Irish, just ask your grandma and go by whatever she says.)

The wedding dress rhyme is pretty firm on green: "Married in green, ashamed to be seen." This was because creepier wedding guests would joke that the bride's dress was green because she had been rolling around in the grass with a lover just before the wedding.

On the other hand, almost nobody in the world knows about any of this unless they've been researching wedding dress colors, so it's probably safe to give green a shot.

Yellow has had a roller-coaster ride of popularity. It was once a popular favorite because it's so cheerful, ...and then in sterner times fell out of favor because it was too cheerful and thus not appropriate for church. The wedding rhyme is also kind of a buzzkill for sunny brides: "Married in yellow, ashamed of your fellow."

Which is bad, but not as bad as "Married in red, you'll wish yourself dead." There's not much getting around that for the superstitious. Red got its bad rep from being associated with passion and sex, which the bride wasn't necessarily supposed to know about in days past. However, you may not think that's such a big deal, in which case go for it. A full-on scarlet dress may still shock people nowadays, but a dress with red detailing will go over perfectly well in all but the most conservative churches.

By : Phie


Wedding Dreams in the Sand

Have you ever dreamed about having your wedding on a tropical island beach? The sensation of the warm afternoon sand between your toes; the natural harmony of the sea as it gently caresses the shoreline; standing hand-in-hand, with the one you love, committing to one another completely. Sound like a romantic dream? As you will discover on Koh Samui, dreams can come true...

But why opt for this island paradise as your dream wedding destination? In case you need a little extra encouragement, here are a few considerations.

* Welcome to "The Land of Smiles". As you enter Samui's tropical and most unquestionably unique open-walled airport, you will immediately feel the warmth and hospitality 'Amazing Thailand' is famous for; with an obvious infusion of a relaxed island lifestyle. The friendly character of the locals is absolutely contagious - you will soon find yourself smiling at the mention of the word Samui.

* The Alluring Soft Sandy Beaches. Feel the warmth and splendor of the sand beneath your feet while you live out your wedding dreams under the afternoon sky, shaded by the abundant coconut palm trees, on a tranquil Samui beach. Shoes are entirely optional.

* The Warm, Inviting Blue Waters of the Gulf of Thailand. What could make a more magnificent backdrop to your wedding memories than Samui Archipelago? Go for a sail around the island, snorkel in the shallow waters, and for the adventurous couples who want to start their marriage with a little "depth"; there are enchanting underwater wedding ceremonies available.

* Give Your Family & Friends A Reason To Take A Holiday! Sometimes we all need a little enticement to escape our daily lives; a reminder that if we don't take the time to enjoy the opportunities before us, we may never get the same chances again. Koh Samui is the perfect getaway destination for the whole family; young and old alike. Even getting to Thailand's third largest island has never been easier and simply arriving makes any long-distance expedition worth all the effort. Everyone will thank you for years to come.

* REAL Thai Food Is Absolutely Some Of The Best Food In The World! Think you've had good Thai food before? Koh Samui boasts some of Thailand's finest Chef's available anywhere in the world; where you can indulge in delicious international delights and authentic Thai cuisine. But don't pass over those small restaurants you will notice with only a few tables; you may be missing out on the greatest Thai cooking in the world. And if you find you can't get enough before you go, Samui has many Thai cooking classes to try your own hand at preparing an amazing meal back home.

* More RELAXING and STRESS-FREE Than Having Your Wedding At Home. In today's global society, Thailand is often neutral ground for many families who reside on different continents. Trying to please everyone but yourselves can lead to disaster; I know you've heard the horror stories before. Your wedding day should be about you and your partner's happiness, commitment to each other and the joining of two families together. Let the naturally calm ambiance of Koh Samui heighten your wedding joy and allow everyone present to relax and remember why they are all here - to be together in celebration.

* Not Just for Weddings. Is your anniversary approaching? Surprise your partner and say "I do" all over again with an afternoon vow renewal, champagne in hand, watching the sunset in each other's arms. If you want to express your love for your partner in a truly romantic setting; Commitment Ceremonies are becoming increasingly popular and are ideal for many modern couples.

* If we don't make something special - nothing ever is. Getting married is supposed to be one of the most special days of your life. The uniqueness of saying your nuptials on the beach will make any plans you have for your wedding day that much more unforgettable. Women will feel the timeless romance of the classic fairy tale; men have the benefit of the casual atmosphere, even if they are dressed to the Nine's. It is the perfect choice for your special day - charm and romance naturally included. Don't just let your wedding day "happen". Make the choice to make it special.

By : Phie


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Lace Wedding Dress

Today's Bride looking for that special dress with lace needs to remember that years ago lace was mostly made of fine cotton threading so it was considerably softer than some of today's versions. Now that is not to say that you can not find lace wedding gowns that are soft to the touch, but you certainly need to be mindful of the type of lace and where it is at on the gown in proximity to your skin.

Whether you are feeling vintage or simply wanting a more traditional look to your gown, you can usually tell how soft the lace on any wedding dress is by how it lays and by what material it is next to or layered with.

If it is the softer type made of silk or cotton, or in some cases a finer nylon or polyester, it will lay flatter and have a fluffier look to it. Whereas a stiffer lace will possible backed up by a material like tulle or a have satin behind it.

That's the beauty of lace. You can have a very soft and flowing look on a gown that is mostly chiffon, silk or a lighter weight satin. Or you can go bolder and get a gown that is covered in lace with the unique addition of organza, tulle or matte satin. This is for the bride that likes texture and interesting details.

Consider adding a veil with a hem in the matching lace from your dress. This will bring your whole look together.

You can also research vintage laces online and even incorporate your favorite design into your cake and wedding favors.

There's a lot to love about lace and with a little knowledge, you can choose lace wedding dresses that are a true expression of who you are.

By : Phie


The New Classic Wedding Colour

Do you want your wedding day to be the most impressive?
Try Classical wedding.
Every season, it seems like you hear things like, "Brown is the new black" or "Orange is the new pink". Weddings are certainly not immune to the whims of fashion, and every so often, you will hear of a new color being declared "The New White". So what is the new classic color, and how will it affect your wedding?

Different colors come in vogue for each wedding season, and yet there are also some that are perpetually popular. Yellow and grey, for instance, were hot colors this year, but who knows what brides will think about them a few years from now. One color, though, that you can count on to stick around is pink. In fact, you could almost declare pink to be the new white.

The next question to ponder is what it really means for a color to be the new white. It basically means that it is a color that you will see in all aspects of many, many weddings. It also means that replacing things that are typically white at weddings with pink will make them a bit different, but at the same time, safe. It is a nice way to add some color to your wedding without feeling like you are straying too far from the traditional or classic wedding style.

Because pink is such a soft and feminine color, it is easy to use either as a subtle accent to a mostly white wedding, or as a focal point. For instance, if you want just a hint of pink, then a great place to add it is to your custom bridal jewelry. Instead of the traditional look of all white pearl bridal jewelry, custom combine pink pearls or crystals with the white for a very sweet look.

On the other hand, if you can't get enough of pink, then you can go all out with your wedding attire. A pale ballerina pink is a completely acceptable alternative to a white wedding dress, even for the most formal or traditional weddings. For bridesmaid dresses, there are numerous pink options, but one of the most gorgeous is to use pink lace over an ivory background, or the reverse.

Another place that pink is the new white is wedding cakes. Again, you can go for a bold pink effect, or keep it more delicate. For a true pink cake, you will want pink frosting, of course, and you can top it off with pink flowers (fresh or sugar) in a deeper pink for contrast. If your main color is white, add a touch of pink to your cake with a pink polka dot or lace design for a delicate and feminine effect.

Pink is, of course, very easy to add to the centerpieces, bouquets, and other floral displays. This is another case where a dash of color could easily be worked into a more monochromatic white wedding. For spring brides, there are particularly wonderful options, such as dainty pink lily-of-the-valley, pink tulips in all shades, and gorgeous peonies. Of course, roses are also available in all shades of pink at any time of the year.

For a very pretty effect, you can also use your pink flowers as accents on the plates and even frozen into ice cubes for the drinks. Bringing your chosen color into unexpected parts of the wedding is a nice way to put your personal stamp on the reception. When you decide to use pink instead of white, you will find that there are lots of ways to customize your wedding.

By : Phie


Top Wedding Locations in Australia

Australia ...
Did you imagine when you hear the word Australia?
Kangaroo, boomerang, or koala ..???
Or you imagine a beautiful place there?
Do you want to get married in Australia?

Australia has so many locations that are ideal for weddings, making it a popular destination for international weddings as well as for domestic travelers. Whether you want a tropical island setting for a wedding in paradise, a luxury five star resort setting, the lush rainforest complete with cascading waterfalls or an opulent outback wedding with a difference, it's all here in Australia.

Here are our top five suggestions for your perfect Australian wedding location:

1. Sydney

Within the vibrant city of Sydney there are many excellent wedding venues and locations. One of the most popular areas is certainly the beautiful Sydney Harbour, with the world renowned Opera House providing a unique backdrop for your wedding photos.

Other popular locations you could choose for your Sydney wedding include beaches such as Bondi Beach or Coogee Beach, one of the pristine gardens such as the Royal Botanic Gardens, one of the many historic Sydney churches or a yacht or tall ship wedding right on Sydney Harbour, providing a variety of stunning backdrops. You can even choose to marry on top of the Sydney Harbour Bridge.

2. Gold Coast

Another popular Australian wedding location is the ever-sunny Gold Coast in south east Queensland.

The Gold Coast is not only full of glamorous, idyllic wedding settings, it also offers a wide range of activities and hideaways for the perfect honeymoon. The Gold Coast has many breathtaking beaches with miles of soft white sand and rugged headlands, ideal for a magical wedding. If you prefer a church wedding, the Heritage listed Riverside Chapel at the Gold Coast Arts Centre is the perfect spot.

For something uniquely opulent, a wedding on QDeck - the top of the world's tallest residential building, the Q1 - is the way to go. From there you can experience spectacular panoramic views of the entire Gold Coast. This could be followed by a luxury honeymoon at the totally decadent Palazzo Versace Hotel.

3. Cairns

Cairns, in north Queensland, is known for providing stunning wedding locations within a laid back, relaxed atmosphere. For a heavenly tropical island wedding setting, one of the many tranquil beaches such as Trinity Beach, Kewarra Beach or Palm Cove would be idea. Imagine your wedding photographs - crystal clear waves lapping the white powder-like sand, with palm trees lining the beach.

If you prefer a lush rainforest setting, complete with brightly coloured parrots watching from nearby trees, there are many choices within the Cairns region. There are also many picturesque chapels for those who want a traditional church wedding.

4. Port Douglas

Further north in Queensland is Port Douglas - a destination that is often used as a holiday hideaway for the rich and famous. Port Douglas is perfect for romance and offers an abundance of magical wedding locations, with the infamous Great Barrier Reef on one side and World Heritage listed Daintree Rainforest on the other.

Along with mesmerizing beaches and spectacular, serene rain forests, Port Douglas is known for its seclusion, with a number of 5 star hotels - just what you may be after for your honeymoon. There are many glorious beaches or secluded rainforest spots that are perfect for your wedding, along with numerous beautifully ornate chapels nestled amongst the stunning scenery.

5. Uluru

If you would like a wedding with a difference, but without having to scrimp on quality, then a wedding at the majestic Uluru - Ayers Rock - may be for you. Just imagine the amazing backdrop Uluru will create for your photographs, especially with the magnificent array of colours of the setting sun behind.

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The White Wedding Australia Ceremony

Australia is a beautiful country. Do you think to hold weddings there?

In Australia the marriage rate is generally stable, although there has been a decline over the past twenty years. In 2005, 109,000 marriages were registered in Australia, which is equivalent to 5.4 marriages for every 1,000 people. Couples are also marrying later with the average age of first-time brides being 27.5 years in 2004 and increase of 4.5 years since 1984.

In some countries, cultures and religions, the actual act of marriage begins during the wedding ceremony. In others, like Australia, the legal act of marriage occurs at the time of signing a marriage license or other legal document, and the wedding is then an opportunity to perform a traditional ceremony and celebrate with friends and family.

A woman being married is called a bride, a man called a bridegroom or groom, and after the ceremony they become a wife or a husband, respectively.

Most weddings contain wedding vows and a public proclamation of marriage, usually by a government approved celebrant. The Australian Marriage Celebrants Program was established in 1973. It enables the appointment of suitably qualified people to perform marriages and provides couples with a meaningful alternative to Government Registry Office and mainstream church weddings.

Most weddings also involve wearing traditional clothes (gowns, kilts, white gown, red sari and so on). A wedding is often followed or accompanied by a wedding reception. Some receptions are very expensive and elaborate affairs costing tens of thousands of dollars while other may just be a group of friends and family sharing a meal at a local restaurant.

Other elements during the wedding service may include music, poetry, prayer or scripture readings. Some elements of the traditional Western wedding ceremony symbolize the bride's departure from her father's control and entry into a new family with her husband.

A number of cultures utilize the western custom of a bride wearing a white dress. This tradition came to symbolize purity in the Victorian era. Within the 'white wedding' tradition, a white dress and veil would not have been considered appropriate for a second or third wedding of a widow or a divorcee.

The custom of exchanging rings may be the oldest and most universal symbol of marriage, but the origins are unclear. The ring's circular shape represents perfection and never-ending love. The rings are exchanged during the wedding ceremony and symbolize the love, faithfulness and commitment of the marriage union.

The common element in a wedding is the assumption of spousal roles by the primary participants. The wedding is a special moment that marks the beginning of a new life together. Often, it is also a precursor to parenthood, marking the promise of a new family and a new generation. This moment is recognized with traditions, ceremonies and rituals including engagement and wedding ceremonies.

When it comes to planning a wedding, people often honor traditions, even if they do not fully understand their origin or meaning. Every culture cherishes its own wedding traditions and superstitions. Some of those are closely followed even by those who are normally not superstitious.

Common western superstitions include the bride not wearing black or red, the groom not seeing the bride on the day of the wedding before the ceremony, and the throwing of rice as the couple leave the church.

The figure of a bride in white is an important element of the ritual of marriage in western culture. However, new designs of gown are available so brides today may find themselves attracted to designs that do not look traditional. The symbolism behind the wedding dress, however, has not changed.

In recent years, the "Western Style Wedding" (influenced by a Christian church wedding) has become an increasingly popular choice. An entire industry has sprung up, dedicated to providing couples with a ceremony modeled after Protestant church ceremonies.

The purpose of inviting guests was to have them witness a couple's marriage ceremony and vows and to share in the bride and groom's joy and celebration. Gifts for the bride and groom are optional, although most guests attempt to give at least a token gift of their best wishes. Some brides and grooms and families feel, contrary to proper etiquette, that for the expense and effort they put into showing their guests a good time and to wine and dine them, the guests should reciprocate by providing nice gifts or cash.

In some Eurpoean cultures it is traditional to pin money on the bride's dress. The amount of money obtained can be quite staggering, but people forget this money tends to circulate around very close-knit communities.

The couple often registers for gifts at a store well in advance of their wedding. This allows them to create a list of household items, usually including china, silverware and crystalware. More recently electrical goods, including the electric toaster of popular culture, appear on such registers.

With brides and grooms who might already be independent and have lived on their own, even owning their own homes jointly, they sometimes register at hardware or home improvement stores.

Registries are intended to make it easy for guests who wish to purchase gifts to feel comfortable that they are purchasing gifts that the newlyweds will truly appreciate. The registry information should, according to etiquette, be provided only to guests who request it. Some couples register with services that enable money gifts intended to fund items such as a honeymoon, home purchase or education fund.

Some guests may find bridal registries inappropriate. They can be seen as an anathema to traditional notions behind gift buying, such as contravening the belief that "one should be happy for what they receive", taking away the element of surprise, and leading to present buying as a type of competition, as the couple knows the costs of each individual item. It may also be seen by some as inappropriate to invite people who do not know either the bride or groom well enough to be able to pick out an appropriate gift.

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Trash the Wedding Dress and Treasure the Wedding Photos

Believe it or not, the latest trend in wedding photography is to trash the wedding dress and have photographs taken while you are doing it!

That beautiful wedding dress that the brides poor Dad paid $2,000, or more, ruined while the bride and groom roll round in the surf and sand trying to emulate Burt Lancaster and Deborah Kerr's famous kiss in From Here To Eternity.

As announced in the Courier Mail, an Australian newspaper, Canadian Tammy Roche married a typical Aussie bloke and wanted to have an iconic Australian image to celebrate the union. She also wanted something different.

Trouble was that Tammy married her partner, Mark Barefoot in the snow at Banff, Canada in December last year.

So what she did was later trash her wedding dress while wading through the pounding surf at the Gold Coast and rolling round in the sand with the high-rises of Surfers Paradise City in the background in a photographic tribute to her marriage.

The result is a compelling set of images where a $2,000 wedding dress plays second fiddle to the fun-loving photos. The couple's decision to trash Tammy's wedding dress after their wedding day is a concept that has taken off in the US. and Canada and now spread to Australia.

Website, trash the dress.wordpress, Founder, Mark Eric says that trashing the dress is an opportunity to break from tradition and have fun while producing some striking, if unconventional, photos. His website shows brides floating lakes, lying on sandy beaches or standing stranded in sandy deserts.

Eric says that the main idea behind the trash the wedding dress session is that it is okay to break from tradition, even if it means getting the wedding dress a little dirty.

And by the way, Tammy paid for her wedding dress herself and it was far from destroyed. After washing the wedding dress carefully herself it was none the worse for her passionate love making on the sand and in the sea.

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Yellow Wedding Favor Ideas

Yellow is a versatile color which looks great on almost every complexion. It's no wonder why wedding trends for 2009 name yellow as the color of the year. Yellow is a warm color, it denotes happiness and joy; hope and courage. These qualities are very symbolic for weddings - you are celebrating your union with happiness and joy. Together you are hopeful and courageous as you enter your new life together.

When used alone, yellow makes a strong impact. Depending on the shade, it could either be bold and daring or soothing and relaxing. Yellow works well for all seasons, think pale yellow for spring weddings, lemon yellow for a citrusy summer theme, and dark mustards and gold are fabulous for warming up fall and winter weddings.

If you are having a yellow themed wedding you may want to consider adding a punch of this sunny color into your reception decorations. While yellow flowers and even tropical yellow fish can be incorporated into your centerpieces, you may want additional items to decorate with. A great idea to add more color to your reception is to use yellow wedding favors.

While not many wedding favors are yellow, there are some out there! A great idea for yellow wedding favors that also comes from 2008 wedding trends is monogrammed beverage and edible favors. Monogramming is a hot trend for 2008, so why not incorporate your new initials in a fabulous take home gift? You can select from coffee, cappuccino, hot cocoa, cocktail, tea favors or even personalized mint tins or Hershey bars in an assortment of yellow designs.

Another great yellow favor idea is mini refrigerator bumble bee magnets in the "Meant to Bee" design. Everyone loves magnets - they are a useful and fun favor. Whether your guests choose to use these little buzzing bees at home or at work, these are practical favors everyone will enjoy.

Two more great ideas are sunflower adorned favor boxes which you can fill with yellow Jordan almonds or other yellow candies. If you are having a beach or summer wedding, why not try starfish inspired yellow bath fizzers?

Although yellow favors are a bit harder to locate, you can find them with a bit of patience and lots of web searching! If all else fails, consider ordering yellow ribbons, yellow personalized stickers or tags and add them to your favors for that bit of color you are looking for.

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Hot Pink Wedding Dresses

What could be more romantic than pink? Dubbed the new white, pink is making an appearance on wedding dresses today. The color of femininity and romance, pink is perfect for a wedding.

Hot pink wedding dresses can be found in varying shades, from the bright eye catching shades to softer subtle hints of pink. This will make it quite tough for you to decide. Just remember that usually the lighter shades of pink are favored for weddings and wedding gowns.

Now that you'll be resplendent in pink, you can pick neutral colors to complement your dress. For your bridal party and reception, consider white, ivory, silver, champagne or even black. If neutrals are not exactly what you're looking for, then you may want to think about colors like chocolate, lavender, sage green, turquoise or even some shades of yellow.

Pink wedding dresses, true to its romantic and feminine nature, come in various styles. Choose from A-line dresses to ball gown styles with scoop or sweetheart necklines. How romantic is that? Pink wedding dresses can also be accented with crystal beading and lace, or even accents such as embroidery. If going totally pink is not you, there is still a way for you to incorporate pink into your wedding dress. Be imaginative and add a sash or pink rosettes, or even pink embroidery or a pink lace trim. This will definitely make you look different and yet still flaunts your romantic side.

Where can you find a pink wedding dress? Of course top designers do have them but not all of us can afford a designer dress. You could have a dress custom made for you by a seamstress, or you could ask bridal shops if they can dye your dress in your favorite shade. Today more and more shops are beginning to sell pink wedding dresses. Walking down the aisle in a pink wedding dress will make you a dazzling romantic bride on your special day.

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