Christmas Wedding Flowers

Leading up to Christmas is filled with all sorts of activities, organizing food, presents, flowers, holiday accommodation. Is the spare room ready for guests? Yes it is chaotic and the list is endless.

Yet it can be exhilarating when you and your partner decide to marry at Christmas.

Whether it be a winter wonderland wedding or get away to the tropics. This is a time when your wedding will make a huge impact on family and friends regardless of the destination.

It's Christmas time, a time for goodwill towards all men. A wedding to top it off always brings added joy.

Wedding flowers at Christmas during winter are gorgeous. Perfect time for tulips, hyacinths, freesias, and so on. A winter wonderland theme is perfect to entertain your guests with at Christmas time if your in the Northern Hemisphere.

For those considering a tropical Christmas wedding the season swings to the vibrant colored lilies and orchids, roses and a rainbow of colors in a large range of florist blooms to choose from. Tropical beach wedding on the sunny shores are breath taking with frangipani or orchids to dance in your hair.

Florist flowers are chosen specifically for their longevity,they are grown in hot houses to suit all seasons.

Wedding flowers are special no matter the season nor the choice of flower, it is always smart to know when your choice of bloom is in season,whether it be a Christmas wedding or a tropical beach wedding. Seek advice and know what is in season for your wedding to save any disappointment.

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Dream Destination Wedding in a Puerto Vallarta Villa

Every woman dreams of her wedding at some exotic destination with beautiful white sand beaches, pristine clear waters, magnificent Villa and surrounded by her close ones. If you thought this is just a dream then you could not be more wrong. You can have your wedding with great style and sophistication in a luxury Villa in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico.

Now, you could have your Wedding in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico on while sand beaches or in a Luxury rental Villa or on beautiful grounds. You can choose a traditional wedding with a white dress, long veil, train, lots of exotic flowers and vows or you can opt for a simple yet elegant look with a slip dress. The entire Villa Rentals in Mexico can be yours and share this most important day in your life with your friends, relatives to share the joy and happiness of your wedding.

A private Luxury rental vacation Villa in Puerto Vallarta Mexico is equipped with all amenities and features. If you thought a luxury Villa on rent will be very extravagant then you will be surprised on how affordable rental vacation villas are in Mexico. Here superb villas with ever caring and competent attendants and chefs come at very economical prices. The atmosphere in Puerto Vallarta is very relaxed and you will enjoy a carefree vacation in one of the most beautiful cities in the world. A lifelong memory of your destination wedding is so close to your hands.

Wedding planner will take care of all arrangements and you will have to just sit back and soak the atmosphere and enjoy once in a life time moment with your loved ones sharing your most important day in the intimate luxury of a villa in Mexico.

If you want to fulfill your childhood dream of a wedding by the Oceanside, come to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico and make your dream comes true!

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Having Your Wedding on Santorini Island

Wouldn't it be great to have a wedding in a foreign country, especially if this country is Greece? As I was looking around, I found many brochures of Santorini Island and I have to admit that this place surely attracted me the most. It looked really ideal to go and see the difference of visiting this place than others and experience staying at one of the many luxury hotels that the island offers.

What matters for you to notice, it is not only those wonderful talks and reviews of other people who have already been there, but how can a couple from a far place can be easily convinced to have their wedding on this island. But that could only be done by a complete wedding package offered by travel agencies or Santorini hotels directly. All the hotels have excellent wedding planners, well experienced that have a variety of ideas on how couples would like to present their special day to their guests. They had a complete list of couturier, jewelers, flower shops, beautician or beauty parlor that can be chosen by the couples according to their needs and wants for the upcoming celebration.

Couples who want to make their wedding very private, away from crowded neighborhoods and gate crashers will surely get the solemnity of the occasion if the wedding will be done inside the hotels. Many of Santorini hotels have a little chapel inside where the ceremony can be done. It would be wiser though for the couple though to take a mini vacation first on the island, choose the right hotel and then talk with the organizer of the wedding. Through this conversation, they will be given specific pointers and tips when, where, what why and how could their wedding become so unique and memorable.

Tips like when is the best time, month or day to get married in Santorini island, as well as where would be the best place to have the reception and the honeymoon, how many quests they will have, what are the excellent things that will be used by both parties, whether it would be a color motif of the dress, kind of flowers, fashion dress, make-up and accessories, if they are going to have a traditional Greek wedding or any other questions that the couple may have.

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Brides Cut Wedding Flower Costs with DIY Arrangements

With the average cost of professional wedding flower arrangements running between $500-1200, it’s no wonder that more and more brides are turning to do-it-yourself wedding flowers.

Wedding Flowers-DIY is a Web-based company that provides brides-to-be with the training necessary to make beautiful, creative, and lasting wedding flower arrangements. They offer step-by-step tutorials with photographs and easy to follow instructions for dozens of traditional and trendy wedding flowers arrangements, from the bridal bouquet and wedding party flowers to the altar arrangements and table centerpieces.

Certified Master Florist and experienced professional wedding florist Jo Lind shares tips and tricks learned through years of designing wedding flowers. After creating wedding flower arrangements for five family weddings in eight months on a shoestring budget, Jo Lind had learned a lot about do-it-yourself wedding flowers.

She reinforced her hard-won knowledge with floral arrangement classes, finally becoming a certified Master Florist and training under some of Oklahoma’s top floral designers. In the last few years, Lind has created beautiful floral arrangements for hundreds of large and small weddings, and visited dozens of bridal fairs to keep up with current trends. Wedding Flowers-DIY takes her experience and knowledge and makes it easily accessible to brides-to-be working on their own shoestring budgets.

Her step-by-step tutorials include:

• How to keep bouquets, corsages, and boutonnieres from wilting before the wedding

• Tips for choosing the color, style, and kind of flowers for each arrangement

• How to transport and store wedding flowers

• Dressing up basic wedding flower arrangements

• Tips for floral accents on wedding cakes

Wedding Flowers-DIY also maintains an online gallery with photographs of different wedding flower arrangements arranged by style and color. Brides-to-be can use the gallery as an inspiration to help choose the style and color of their wedding flowers. Wedding planners should visit today to learn more about creating professional looking wedding flower arrangements at a do-it-yourself price.


Hot Trends in Wedding Photography

Like any other aspect of a wedding, the photography follows trends and fresh ideas. The stiff group portraits that were the standard in wedding photography for generations have become the exception rather than the norm. For inspiration for your own wedding, check out these hot trends in wedding photography.

Informal candids are definitely the most popular variety of wedding photos. They are intended less to be a visual record of who was at the wedding, and more as a fluid overview of some of the high points of the day. They should capture the mood and spirit of the wedding by giving the viewer glimpses into the little moments that make the day special. The bride might want her photographer to be there when she is getting into her bridal gown and wedding jewelry to get a snapshot of her dress going over her head or her sister struggling to pin on her veil. A good candid photographer will have an eye for the other memorable parts of a wedding, from capturing a meaningful glance exchanged by the bride and groom to the look of pure joy on the face of a flower girl on the dance floor. Your guest book will tell you who was at the wedding; the candid photos should show what they did and capture the festive spirit of the event.

Wedding photography taken in unusual places is one of the hottest rising trends in weddings. Many of these pictures are taken as engagement photos before the wedding, but they are nothing like the posed studio shots your parents had taken when they announced their betrothal. Urban backgrounds are particularly popular, ranging from black and white photos set against a towering city skyline to gritty scenes in front of graffitied brick walls. For couples who do not live in a city, popular backgrounds include seasides, natural locations, and even places like carnivals and zoos. These settings are also gaining popularity for day-of-wedding photography; the contrast between the wild setting and the bride in her exquisite bridal gown, veil, and wedding jewelry makes for an interesting juxtaposition which gives the pictures an edgy quality.

Another trend in wedding photography is to make pictures a part of the event itself, rather than just something to look over weeks later. The rise in digital photography has made this possible. For instance, you might have the photographer use the photos he took during the wedding ceremony and cocktail hour to project as a slideshow onto a wall during the reception. Digital photo booths are finding popularity instead of traditional wedding favors. The guests can go into the booth and have their pictures taken as an instant keepsake of the day. Some of the photo booths will even have a monitor on the outside which will show all of the pictures taken during the reception as a slideshow for everyone to enjoy. An added bonus is that the newlyweds can get a copy of all of their guests's pictures burned on a disc for them to have as a souvenir.

There are several other up and coming ideas in wedding photography, including using images of the bride and groom on save-the-date cards, favor boxes, and even the wedding cake. Many couples are eschewing the traditional heavy wedding album and choosing to have customized photo books created online instead. With all of the amazing technology at our fingertips, wedding photography is a field that is only going to continue evolving in new and fascinating directions.

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Hull Wedding Photographers

With many couples choosing to get married at the country's various beauty spots, or flying to the four corners of the globe to tie the knot, it may seem unfashionable to hold the ceremony in your own city. But for couples in Hull, you can enjoy your big day here or in the surrounding countryside. And not only will you be able to save yourselves and your guests the expense of long distance travel, you will be able to take advantage of the excellent Hull wedding photographers.

As for all couples, you will have a million and one things to think about before the big day. But one thing you must give due consideration to is a wedding photographer. Once the memories of the big day begin to fade, your wedding album, filled with beautifully taken photographs, will become a treasured possession. And as you flick through its pages in years to come, those memories of your wedding will come back to life.

A beautifully created wedding album will not only recreate memories of the wedding ceremony or the reception. The excellent wedding photographers here in Hull will help you collect a pictorial collage of the entire day, and the days leading up to it should you so choose. Having pictures taken throughout the entire day may be something you have not considered before. But it will help bring those memories of your wedding day here in Hull come alive as you peruse your wedding album in future years.

So, how to find a local wedding photographer in Hull? Probably the first place that the majority of people would turn to is the Hull Daily Mail. As the only large local newspaper the Mail always carries plenty of advertising from local photographers and will often print special wedding pull-outs featuring advertising from many different wedding organisers and event companies who have their own in-house photographers. And don't forget to look in the glossy magazine published by the Hull Daily Mail. The Journal will often carry advertising from the better local photographers and will sometimes feature special photo-spreads so you can see the quality of the photographers work.

A very popular alternative are the wedding fairs held in local hotels such as the Quality Royal and the Willerby Manor. These fairs are always well attended and provides you with a chance of talking first hand to several different photographers. The larger wedding fairs are held around three times a year but there are often smaller events taking place at other venues in the city.

The Hull Yellow Pages is another obvious place to look but the choice can be overwhelming as their are dozens upon dozens of Hull wedding photographers listed. Probably the best approach is to work out a short list from the Yellow Pages and then visit the photographers website to view examples of his or her work. If the photographer doesn't have a website than it would probably be wise to strike them off your list as all reputable photographers will have a website showcasing their work.

Once having chosen you wedding photographer it is advisable to visit him or her and tell him exactly what you want. The photographer, having worked for many couples and covered many wedding days, will also be able to give you excellent advice. He will be able to advise on the beauty spots in Hull and its surroundings for the shoots. Obviously you will want the pictures taken close to where the wedding ceremony is being held, but your wedding photographer may be able to advise on beautiful locations that you may never have considered for the photo shoot.

While most people associate wedding photography with stills, your wedding photographer may also be able to arrange a video recording of your wedding day. So instead of just having wonderfully taken photographs, your wedding day will be remembered for years to come with the sights and sounds of the occasion.

Having your wedding day in your home city is certainly well worth considering, and Hull's first class wedding photographers can help preserve those memories for the rest of your lives.

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Cheap Bridal Jewelry

Bridal jewelry which is inexpensive can be good to medium quality, and if it's cheap sterling silver jewelry or gold jewelry with semi precious stones or titanium bands or cubic zirconia imitation gemstones, it is likely to be good value.

The main reason to choose cheap bridal jewelry is that many people feel it is better to have something spectacular and dazzling for one day then something minuscule that costs a fortune. This may well be truest when it comes to the bridal accessories and bridesmaid sets that can cost a fortune and is a needless expense.

A beautiful pair of chandelier cubic zirconia earrings (or teardrop earrings) for the bride can be as little as $20 or$ 30 for the most delicate and sparkling pair set into a high quality costume jewelry setting, perhaps silver or other metal. They will not fall apart quickly, although eventually they will lose their shine. But for one day or two days or a special occasion they are more than adequate.

Also many hair salons that specialize in bridal makeup and hairdos will often offer a selection of hair ornaments and bridal accessories that will work well with your personal look. Since your stylists will know what makeup you will use, what dress design you have chosen and will have spent hours discussing your bridal needs and trying styles and listening to your dreams, they will be in a great position to recommend some cheap jewelry options and often have a selection of such unique and cheap bridal jewelry options right there in the salon or have catalogs for online jewelry distributors that they recommend.

Cheap jewelry online is often a way to save money but may also be a great time saver because shopping for jewelry in a shop makes you feel pressured and the last thing you need is to choose a set of bridal accessories or cheap jewels for your wedding because a salesperson was pushy. Online you can shop comfortably at your pace and without any sales stress. The prices are often lower due to the absence of overhead to maintain a fancy bridal shop, and these savings are reflected in the prices you pay.

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Bridal Party Gifts

Bridal party gifts are one of the most traditional items that every bridal shower give out. They are great ways to thank your dearest friends for their presence and hard work to help make your wedding as perfect as possible. While they don't need to be too much, bridal party gifts can tell how much you appreciate all the great things they have done for you, as well as value the friendship you have with them.

Traditionally, it is the couple who will find and buy the bridal gifts for their wedding attendants. The groomsmen gifts falls on the checklist of the groom, while the bridesmaids gifts are on the checklist of the bride. Gifts for the ring bearer and flower girls must also be included on their lists.

Bridal party gifts for the wedding attendants are usually given either right after, or before the wedding. The bride and groom can present groomsmen and bridesmaids gifts during the pre-wedding parties such as the wedding shower, bridal shower and bachelor party, where wedding attendants will be invited. However today, it is entirely up to the couple as to where and when they want to hand their gifts for the wedding attendants.

Groomsmen Gifts

Groomsmen gifts are typically purchased for male attendants who will stand next to the groom. It is the groom's responsibility to find and purchase gifts for his groomsmen. Usually, groomsmen gifts were given at the bachelor party or wedding shower. The options for groomsmen gifts are endless. From the traditional cuff links, money clips and flasks to unique custom pub signs, grooming kits, cooler bags, poker sets and etc.

For grooms, they have to picked groomsmen gifts according to each man's personality. For example, if one of the groomsmen is a sports enthusiast, then it is a good idea to buy a gift that reflects that kind of interest. Other possible groomsmen presents are business card cases, engraved pens, leather wallets, beer mugs, cigar accessories and so on.

Bridesmaids Gifts

Obviously, these gifts will be prepared by the bride for her bridesmaids. Bridesmaids gifts are also token of appreciation for the well-done job that her attendants did for her. The same with groomsmen gifts, presents for bridesmaids come in unlimited choices. Among the most popular are handbags, jewelry pieces, tiaras, scarves, picture frames, cosmetic bags and so on.

Today, you can find personalized bridesmaids gifts that can be included with bridesmaids' names or initials, or a personal message or even a short line of friendship poem. You can personalize bridesmaids handbags by letting their names or initials be embroidered on, or jewelry pieces that were engraved with the same details as well.

Wedding gifts for attendants are widely available online. From personalized bridesmaids gifts and groomsmen gifts to unique choices that can surely delight those people. Groomsmen and bridesmaids apparel such as handbags, toiletry bags, shirts and the likes are also great choices for your wedding attendants. Just make sure to shop according to their personal preferences as well as your preferred budget.

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Glamorous Wedding Gowns For Every Figure

One of the best parts about being a bride is the chance to wear a truly fabulous dress. It is your time to shine, so go ahead and choose a bridal gown that is glamorous and that makes you feel like a movie star. This is how to find a glamorous wedding gown for any type of figure.

If you have a fairly average shape and size, you will have a huge number of wonderful wedding gowns from which to choose. In fact, you may have so many choices that it can be overwhelming. The trick is to narrow it down to a general style that appeals to you, and then to focus on finding a gown that fits the bill. For instance, if all out glamor is your goal, you do not need to waste your time trying on dresses that are too demure or understated, no matter how pretty they may be.

Glamor in a wedding gown is created by a few main features: the cut, the fabric, the embellishments, and of course, a touch of drama. Glamorous gowns will tend to be body conscious, or more slender in the silhouette, although this does not mean that only skinny-Minnie types of brides can pull off a dramatic gown. In fact, some of the most shape-hugging styles look their best on a figure with plenty of curves to love.

The one shoulder look is currently very much in style, and is the epitome of Hollywood glamor and style. Most of these gowns are created in narrow shapes. The Grecian goddess column in chiffon with a little ruching or gathering in the bodice is one of the most popular form of one shouldered wedding dresses. Drama comes in the form of oversized fabric flowers flowing over the shoulder or a jeweled silver shoulder strap. This is a cut that works very well on slender brides, whether tall or petite.

Shimmer is always glamorous, and gorgeous silk satin or charmeuse is a fantastic choice for a bride who wants that "wow" factor. Curvy brides will look stunning in strapless gowns with fitted ruched bodices that have an exaggerated low bodice. The gowns will be fitted down to the low hip or sometimes almost to the knee, and then explode into a dramatic mermaid full skirt. It is a fabulous classic shape that dates back to the old glamor days of Hollywood. It is also very flattering on a bride of any size with great curves, as long as she is comfortable really flaunting them. Add a big pair of sparkling Swarovski crystal bridal earrings, and you will be the picture of bridal glam!

For girls with nothing to hide, a body-hugging bias cut gown can be perfect. These dresses are cut close to the body, and the fabric drapes becomingly across the figure. Just don't choose this style if you want a forgiving dress! Some of the best examples of bias cut dresses can be found in collections of vintage bridal gowns, especially those from the 1930s, when pure glamor was the height of style.

Once you have found the perfect gown, you can pour on the glamor with the perfect finishing touches. Smooth hair is better than some of the more tousled looks so commonly seen lately. Makeup should be flawless, with either strong red lips or a sultry smoky eye. Finally, don't forget about your bridal jewelry; the sparkle of Swarovski crystal earrings and necklaces will give you a fabulously glamorous look for your wedding day.

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Wedding Dress Styles in 2010

If you ladies are planning to get married in 2010, then you no doubt want to dive right into finding the hottest styles of the year. For about the last ten years, strapless dresses have dominated wedding dress styles over any type of sleeve. Both styles look to be equally as common in 2010, starting new trends in length, tightness, and designs.

Making the most waves in the latest wedding gown designs, would have to be Ivanka Trump's beautiful Vera Wang gown. The two ladies worked to create what Ivanka wanted - "something new." The hand-made lacy gown was inspired Princess Grace Kelly's 1956 gown when she tied the knot with Prince Rainer II of Monaco. The lines of the gown are somewhat illusionary, as the arm length ends beautifully right above the elbow. The dress is sure to inspire sleeves to come hurtling back into popular wedding dress styles. The patterns of sheer fabric look beautiful against the skin, not covering completely and adding visual interest to the gown.

Several styles from the forties and fifties are emerging as old looks with modern twists. These vintage throwbacks include ball gown, mermaid, and the classic 1950's housewife dress, turned into a wedding gown. The ball gown style is all elegance, and works very well to elongate the waist. Fitting tight around the torso, it begins to flare out at the hips, and keeps going, reaching to the floor. The tightness of the upper part of the dress works to give cleavage, and shape your whole body into a nice hourglass figure. Somewhat similar to the ball gown style, is the mermaid style, made popular by Audrey Hepburn. This style is a knockout figure-flatterer as it shapes the bust, waist, and hips before flaring out. Generally, the flare of the mermaid dress starts about midway down the thigh. Cinch that waist with a 1950's influenced gown. These gowns often appear somewhat conservative, and at times bulky. Most of them have a sash or belt around the waist, and begin to flare immediately below the waist. For anyone wishing to hide their hips, this dress will work nicely.

Are you getting married in the great outdoors, in the warm months of spring or summer and wish to choose a dress that will aid in your comfort. Also considered vintage, the tea-length dress comes just below the knee. These gowns are quite stylish, and look great strapless, spaghetti strapped, or half-sleeved. Plunging necklines send the eye down, and work well with simple necklaces. Occasionally, this style is worn with a tied-ribbon sash under the bust, which is very cute for a young bride.

Look like a goddess in a Grecian-style wedding gown. The Grecian look can be achieved by a long, silhouette of a dress, with a slight flowing feel or by using many layers that overlap one another. To catch the eye, choose certain areas of the dress to add detail. Opting for a halter or off the shoulder neckline can be beautiful ways to accent the Grecian look. Pleated v-necks offer a flattering appearance for the full-figured woman. Since this style is often open and airy, it is ideal for summer weddings.

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