Beach Wedding dress Ideas

Every bride who is getting married on the beach, beach wedding dress is a must. Designer bridal gown near as he stood on the edge of the waves. Beach wedding may be a more casual event, does not mean that should not have all the bells and whistles. Must find a beach wedding accessories in accordance with that day.


Wedding Dresses for the Beach

  Beach Wedding gown, Beach Wedding DressTo hold the wedding with sea view, should consider beach wedding dresses. This uncommon for couples to recite their vows among the sand and surf beach with a backdrop of spectacular sunsets.

Wedding Dresses Beach

Unique and Season Friendly Prom Dresses - Shop Online

You need to be in style to stand out from the crowd in your best attire for formal occasions. You will be glad at the thought of getting something amazing prom dresses without having to go from pillar to post in search for the alluring one for the new season. Going about in retail stores can end up in finding nothing unique for amazing proms. Curious prom shoppers who want to go for some thing trendy can get quality formal dresses and some exciting new designer collection of prom dresses and wedding dresses in online apparel and fashion websites. Andy Anand who is one of the renowned couture designers considers online shopping as the best alternative as it saves time and money. "Online apparel websites will never leave our esteemed shoppers deprived of trend setting styles. Cool and vibrant colors are in with other color choices and as usual heavy embellishments of bugle beads, seed beads and floral embellishment is on the rise and are very demanding", says Andy Anand.

Online websites have an assorted range of Prom dresses for the beautiful you with unique season friendly styles and designer outfits at reasonable prices plus the chance to win a few on Valentine's Day. Yes, you got me right!! Valentine's day is on its verge of being celebrated with full enthusiasm and online websites are already celebrating it by the great Valentine special offers for the explorers. Special offers for esteemed explorers, to win a gown every week simply by registering to the site.

There are dresses and outfits for proms that have a special price just for a day and can availed by a visit. Not just winning a dress on Valentine's Day, shopping is a delight at the online extravaganzas with least botheration that could not have been imagined otherwise and that too when proms are about to begin. The prices start from as low as $ 39 with new range dresses with halter tube tops, spaghetti straps, prom dresses having middle or side slits. The bestsellers also include prom dresses with contrasting combination with crisscross knots and attires bearing splendid styling and sophistication.

Fashion centric shoppers can visit websites for efficiently crafted new prom dresses, wedding dresses and other formal clothing. Probable buyers have to act fast if they don't want to miss out on the fresh lot and Valentine's day offers and the season friendly new designer range of prom dresses. What is best about online shopping is, that orders can be placed by at toll free numbers displayed online to get ready delivery and customers can avail the benefit of getting their orders delivered right at the doorsteps within 48 hours with 24 hours shipping. Just go online and get yourself, the extra-ordinary makeover that you have always dream of but couldn't have fulfilled earlier. It's now possible in just a click for the most amazing prom style for 2009.

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From Prom Dresses to Bridesmaid Dresses - Please Style Yourself Pretty

Stay Simple yet Beautiful

Simplicity is the key to beauty. A face heavily caked with make-up or a dress that's neither here or there destroys all attempts at creating a lasting good impression. True, you won't have all eyes on you at the doorway but the longer people eye you throughout the dance or the wedding service, they'll notice more than just your prom dress or bridesmaid dress.

They'll see your good skin, engaging manners, and beautiful smile. They more they look at you the more you'll be beautiful for them. But if you had your face heavily made-up or wear one of those hideous bridesmaid dresses you'll lose it all. Remember, people will remember the fiasco for a long time. You can't endure the thought, right? So better wizen up when you shop for prom or bridesmaid dresses.

Your dress and makeup should be carefully planned out because these should complement each other. Your makeup should enhance your looks not alter your face to something your friends can't recognize. An expert makeup artist won't stand the thought of your highlighting both your eyes and your lips. Either you do your eyes extra fancy and downplay your lips, or the other way around - that's the way it should be.

Dress to Impress Not to Shock

Bridesmaid dresses or prom frocks come in various designs to fit a theme. Choose one to enhance your figure, not show more skin. You definitely can't dress "slutty" for the wedding or the prom! Yeah, the prom or the bridesmaid gig is a girl thing but that doesn't give you license to wear a two piece sequined bikini with a tulle skirt masquerading as a gown.

A young girl like you should be wearing a dress that enhances your youth and glamorizes your looks without demeaning your femininity. A princess dress or a svelte bare-backed gown that fits well can boost your chances for the most dances.

Heed your mom's good fashion sense and look up the tastefully designed prom or bridesmaid dresses. If it is a prom or a wedding, dress appropriately, those shocking togs can have their day. You cannot allow people to talk of your fashion disaster the whole year!

What to Do

Months before the prom or wedding, start scouting for the dresses. Start with online shops catering to prom and wedding dresses. You will find scores of designer labels for rent or for sale. The same online shop will carry accessories - jewelry and shoes - to complete your prom or bridesmaid look.

For your makeup, if there is a look you like on a young Hollywood star, take the picture to a makeup stylist for her to copy the look and if you have the money to spare, have your face made up to check if it is perfect. Before anything else though or the countdown to the special day, go on a diet and exercise to fit into those prom or bridesmaid dresses and be styled pretty for the big day.

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Wedding Favors For Winter Weddings

Looking for some unique winter wedding favor ideas that have individual charm and elegance? Those snowflake bottle stopper favors are everywhere now and every store in town seems to run out of them by November. The chrome snowflake bottle stoppers are undoubtedly elegant as well as multifaceted because they can be used for Christmas or after Christmas in January. However, to add more creativity and warmth to winter wedding favors there are several more charming ideas for winter themes and favors.

If you have a knack for sewing and arts and crafts, then this is a beautiful Christmas ornament wedding favor idea. Make heart shaped lace pillows with tiny roses hot glued to the top and a ribbon with your names and wedding date tied on. They make wonderful Christmas tree ornaments for a December wedding. Decorate a tree with these ornaments and have your wedding guests take one as they go home. Your wedding guests will have a special remembrance of your anniversary as they decorate their own Christmas trees every year with your winter ornament wedding favor.

Another great ornament wedding favor idea that can be a little more expensive is to have ceramic ornaments made with your names and wedding date painted on them. Hang the ornaments on a small pine tree that can be near the bridal table. Have the DJ announce that guest may pick their favors from this tree. Another sparkling ornament favor is the glass blown snowflake ornament wedding favors. You can add personalized ribbons to these winter ornaments to create an intimate detail to your favors and it is more inexpensive than engravings and paintings on the actual ornament. The glass blown snowflake ornament is elegant, yet inexpensive and it works for both December and January weddings. Snowflakes can work as wedding favors well into February, since it is so wintry. Place the glass blown snowflake ornament favors simply on each napkin at each place setting at the reception. They can also be placed in an organza bag and personalized with a personalized ribbon.

A nice edible winter wedding favor idea is truffle boxes. Each little truffle box can be wrapped like a Christmas present. It adds to the whole Christmas mood of the reception and your wedding guests will receive miniature Christmas presents as wedding favors. The truffle boxes can also be filled with other Christmas edibles, such as snowballs or fill it with a fun Christmas surprise. Another great winter wedding favors idea are English Crackers. They fit into any holiday season party and they can be filled with winter wedding favor trinkets, such as a snowflake ornament wedding favors and Jordan Almonds. If you don't want to do a lot of wrapping and you are not looking for a Christmas look but a winter themed wedding favor, then take white bon bon boxes and fill them with snowballs, Jordan Almonds, or a wintry mint truffle and embellish with a ribbon that coordinates with your winter wedding colors. The bon bon box winter wedding favor idea is simple to make, yet it shows that you put in the effort to hand make your winter wedding favors.

Other great favor ideas for the winter are winter snow globe favors. Snow globes are always a favorite with guests young and old. The new "Mr. & Mrs. Snowman" globes are so adorable you can't help but smile! Mini Snow globes would be a sensation at any winter wedding and can be found at Chic Wedding Favors. Winter snowflake guest soap favors are great as winter wedding favors or winter bridal shower favors that sparkle as an accent to your winter wonderland. If you are looking for personalized favors, there is a great line of winter hot cocoa mix, coffee, tea, and cocktail mixes. The little packets come in winter designs and can be personalized with names and wedding date. Winter Mint Tin Wedding Favors are also very nice and useful. The tin will be a lasting memory even after the kosher mints are gone.

Be creative and don't be afraid to bring out your craft talents for your winter wedding favors. Your winter wonderland wedding will come alive when you use creative winter wedding favor ideas to make your favors for your special guests. If you don't have time to make favors, then there are many creative and designer favors available that will charming and impress your guests.

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Florida Keys Weddings

Weddings in Florida can be anything from a romantic ceremony on the beach to a lavish wedding at a private island resort. Florida is considered the sports fishing capital of the world. It is also famous for its perfect, aqua blue waters. This makes it an ideal location for a beach wedding. The Florida Keys is filled with exotic locations to tie the knot. They have some excellent resorts and waterfront venues.

Marathon Key, which is the largest island in the Florida Keys, is known for its serene beauty and tropical breezes. This can be a great place for many who wish to have a quiet and private wedding. This island is famous for its sunset weddings. Many people consider getting married in the Lower Florida Keys because it offers the perfect setting.

There are wedding coordinators, commonly known as wedding planners, who arrange many of these weddings. They make all the decisions and make sure the entire event runs smoothly. It is always recommended to have a wedding planner plan out the event. Individuals planning on a wedding can also hire photographers and video shooting professionals. They help people capture the special moments. Many restaurants and catering companies offer their services. Seafood is the specialty at Florida Keys weddings, but there should be caterers who can handle any sort of food requests to suit specific needs and desires.

Florida Keys guides provide you with complete information on weddings. It includes wedding gifts, justices of the peace, wedding shopping, florists, photographers, hotel and banquet packages and jewelry. These guides assist people in making their weddings a delightful experience.

There are online guides also available that can assist in arranging for a wedding chapel or wedding location, musicians, catering, flowers, photography, the wedding ring as well as take care of chores like marriage applications and licenses. This makes it convenient for people to sit back and enjoy the wedding. A wedding in Florida is a spectacular and romantic event.

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Find the Best Wedding Decoration Supplies

Retail stores have sections devoted to all things wedding, from do-it-yourself invitations and favors to table decorations. But for the largest selection of themes and colors, all you have to do is shop the World Wide Web. The Internet has everything you need to decorate specifically for your wedding. Any item you need, cocktail napkins, mints, or matches can be imprinted with your names and wedding date.

If you want to see your decorations before purchasing a large quantity of them, some online retailers will send sample swatches of colors for fabric items or a small sample item. Check out a bridal expo, they usually come to larger cities a few times a year, so one may be near you.

Before you by every decoration you think you might need, find out what is included at the church, if they have their own decorations and especially your reception site. Some venues actually include centerpieces of silk flowers or candelabras in the price of the reception. Also determine a color scheme so you only get what you need and think about how it will look with the colors that are already in the room where your reception will be held.

For decorations that are really personal or unique try home goods stores or craft shows. Craft shows are a great opportunity to find artists with unique talents that you could showcase at your wedding, and might even be something that you can keep to decorate your home. Finally, think thematically, color, season, and personality. If your groom proposed to you somewhere special and you can bring some of that d├ęcor to your wedding, it would be a great, individualized touch.

Make a list of everything you need and the amount. You will probably have more pews to decorate than reception tables, so you want to be sure that you have enough of each decoration. If you are going to be making anything yourself, purchase a few extra supplies...just in case!

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Creating Unique Wedding Dress Styles

Your wedding day is supposed to be one of the most special days of your life. It's also one of the few days where everyone comes to celebrate you, so naturally you want to stand out from the crowd. Everyone wants their day to be a day that people will remember, and your dress can play a large part in that. There are many different ways to make your dress be something that your guests will talk about for a very long time.

Naturally, when it comes to doing something unique with your wedding dress style, you want to start with the dress itself. The best way to have a completely unique dress is to make it yourself. If you are good with a needle, you could sew your own dress. There are also many seamstresses that can make a dress that you design, although it will cost a fair amount of money. Still, when you have a dress that you made yourself it is something that can be passed down through the family for generations.

There are many variations you can have for a wedding dress since the days are long gone when the dress has to be a standard plain white dress that touches the floor. Starting with the sleeves, decide what kind of style fits best with the rest of your ensemble. You can take your hairstyle, skin tone, and personal preference into account. The more unique styles tend to be asymmetrical sleeves, or a French Innocence neckline. You can still pick a common sleeve and neckline and modify the rest of the dress to make it unique.

You have a lot of options when it comes to the body of your dress. You can have a corset to enhance your feminine figure around the outside of the dress. This could also give you the opportunity to add some color to your dress as well. If you aren't comfortable with a corset, you could always have a sash around your waist instead. The bottom of your dress can be short or long and you can use different fabrics to make it stand out. Something with a pattern, especially one that has color, would really make your dress unique. Having lace ruffles over your dress adds elegance and will make you feel like a princess, if that is the look you are going for.

Whether you have a dress custom made or buy one from a store, you can use accessories to make your wedding dress style different from other brides. Sleeves have gone out of style, especially with younger brides, but they still can complete an ensemble and you can use them to make yourself stand out. Some accessories that aren't often used include cloaks and shawls, both of which can make your wedding dress truly unique. Rare pieces of jewelry will also pop, even on the plainest dresses, making you look stunning and your guests in awe at how beautiful you are on your wedding day.

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Ethnic Wedding Traditions

Weddings and the way they are conducted, vary greatly from one culture to another and from one religion to another. Many couples who don’t practice a religion seem to want a religious or ethnic wedding ceremony. Here are a few wedding traditions from various cultures. If you find a tradition here that you feel has meaning for you feel free to adapt it for your wedding, without demeaning the culture it came from.

Chinese - During a Chinese wedding ceremony, the couple drink from goblets of wine and honey. The bride is fed jujubes, a date like fruit, to increase the chance of having a son in the near future.

Muslims – a Muslim wedding does not take place in a mosque as one might expect but in the office of an Islamic magistrate, and in the presence of three male witnesses. The contract is made between the groom and the brides father or closest male relative, with the girl’s consent. The groom is required to give the bride, money gold and gifts to insure her future. When all of this is completed the papers are signed and the couple is now married. The bride then returns to her parent’s home to get ready for the reception.

African-American – Many African-American couple today are opting for traditional east African wedding ceremonies but most have an American Wedding. However more and More couples are incorporating the “jumping the broom” ritual into their weddings. This practice originated during the era of slavery when slaves were forbidden to marry. Jumping the Broom, was a way of expressing their commitment to one another. Brooms were used in African homes to sweep evil away from the home and family. Some people believe that the ritual may have been a way of rejecting the evil that forbade their union.

Jewish - There are three different branches within Judaism, Orthodox, Conservative and Reformed. Orthodox grooms “Veil” their brides in a ceremony before the actual wedding to signify that they are betrothed. Then the groom signs the contract, called the Ketubah, a beautifully decorated document which details what the groom promises to provide the bride. Both men and women have to have their heads covered. The ceremony takes place under a canopy. After the vows are said, the Orthodox groom places a plain gold band on the ring finger of his bride’s right hand. The reformed bride wears her ring on the left hand. The Contract is read and the ceremony ends with the Seven Blessings. The Groom breaks a glass with his heel to remind the congregation of the Destruction of the Temple and other catastrophes that have befallen the Jewish people.

Native American There are many Native American tribes while some wedding traditions are shared by several tribes, some are unique to just individual tribes. We will only go into a few here.

Northern California Traditions -
A man of low social standing would pay only half the bride price and then move into his in-laws home and be under the rule of the brides father. The Bride’s family would allow this because they needed another man in the family.

Jewelry is considered a shield against evil and both bride and groom wear turquoise and silver jewelry at the wedding.

Hopi Tradition - Either the male or the female may propose, they do it by presenting food gifts. No marriage between members of the nuclear family are permitted.

Every culture has its own wedding traditions and they deserve to respected. Many young couple today are choosing to incorporate the traditions of their ancestors rejected by their parents and grandparents in an effort to become "“more American".

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12 American Wedding Practices Couples Must Know

America - "land of the free". This is a country where liberation in all senses of the word forms the cornerstone of society. Americans live their lives where they have the freedom of choice as to what to do, where to live and who to love. And unlike so many other people throughout the world, Americans are not shackled by centuries of traditions that are still adhered to despite their lack of relevance in modern-day society. There is, however, one area in which tradition still plays an integral part and that is in the area of weddings. The American wedding is a combination of tradition interspersed with a distinctive American flavour and it is these uniquely American wedding practices that set the American wedding apart.

1. Popping the question
More and more, couples are attempting to make their marriage proposal as unique and unforgettable as possible. As there are no specific traditions regarding the actual act of becoming engaged, couples are more inclined to first become engaged and then inform their respective parents of their engagement.

2. Making it official
Although not a requirement of engagement, many couples choose to host an engagement party. The party is generally not as formal or lavish as a wedding reception and can be a dinner party, a luncheon or a cocktail party, dependant on the requirements of the couple. For many couples who have financial constraints, the engagement party may include a number of people who will not be invited to the wedding, but with whom they wish to celebrate their pending nuptials.

3. Showered with gifts
American wedding practices, more often than not, involve a bridal shower. This event is generally organised by the maid of honor and the bridesmaids and, along with the bride, all the female guests who will be attending the wedding are invited. It is often common practise that the groomsmen organise a bachelor's party for the groom, which is often held the night before the wedding. It is obviously advisable for the groom to refrain from overindulging in alcohol and running the risk of spoiling his wedding day.

4. Coming or not
A general guideline regarding the timeframes during wedding preparations, is that the invitations should be dispatched around four to six weeks prior to the wedding. One of the most efficient American wedding practices is the inclusion with the invitation, of a response card. This card is returned to the bridal couple to inform them whether or not a guest has accepted or declined the invitation to the wedding.

5. Try, try and try again
In preparation for the big day, most couples have a rehearsal of the wedding several days prior to the main event. This rehearsal usually includes all members of the bridal party and a rehearsal dinner is then hosted by the groom's parents thereafter.

6. Food, glorious food
An American wedding practice that is not always adhered to, is that of a bridal luncheon, hosted by the bride for her attendants on the wedding day. For most brides, however, time constraints render this impossible. Should he so choose, the groom may host a dinner attended by his groomsmen.

7. Keeping the faith
Despite a lack of religious observance, many couples still opt for a religious wedding ceremony. For inter-faith couples, however, the choice of ceremony may prove to be difficult.

8. Omens and portents
Although many people profess not to be superstitious, it is still a fundamental belief for many that it is bad luck for the groom to see his bride at any stage prior to her walking up the aisle.

9. Aiding and abetting
American wedding practices dictate that the groom, accompanied by his groomsmen, make use of the side door to enter the church. The bride, accompanied by her father, walks down the aisle to join her groom at the front of the church. With so many families these days that are no longer in tact, it is not uncommon for a bride to be escorted by both her father and her stepfather as she walks down the aisle.

10. Wining and dining
At a formal reception, a bridal table is usually placed as a focal point. The bride and groom, their parents and the balance of the bridal party are seated at this table. Guests' appearance is greeted with a welcome drink, while they await the arrival of the wedding party.

11. 'Tis better to give than to receive
In the past, guests were left to their own devices with regard to the selection of wedding gifts. Modern day American wedding practices entail the bridal couple registering for gifts at one or more stores for gifts within a specific price range. This ensures that wedding guests select those gifts that the couple have selected, which is easier for the guests and more practical for the bridal couple.

12. Manners maketh man and woman
Although a verbal "thank you" may convey gratitude to the giver of an engagement or wedding gift, it is far more preferable that the bridal couple send a personalised thank you note. This should be done timely - within two weeks.

These American wedding practices are followed by a large number of bridal couples, who have specifically elected to have a more traditional wedding. Nowadays, however, many people are opting for more unconventional weddings which flout tradition. Whichever type of wedding a couple decide on, one thing remains clear - American's do still believe in the fairytale ending of "'til death do us part."

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Five Best Wedding Cake Decoration Ideas

After a wedding ceremony, it is very common to serve invited guests with wedding cake as dessert. A good and presentable wedding cake decoration comes from the creativity and ideas of the cake decorator. In the decoration process, planning is the most crucial part. Apart from the taste, it is very important that the cake looks elegant, loyal and grand.

Classic Elegance decoration style is built on three-tiered length base. The cake is iced with off-white fondant and decorated with beautiful fresh cream scroll work. It is topped with a cluster of cream flowers and other wedding cake accessories such as ribbons are placed at the surrounding of the cake.

In Classic Romantic Heart design, the cake is built on round shape stand with maximum of 3 tiers in height. The design features two love crystal hearts and a pairs of dove on the top of the cake. The cream color of the cake should be in pearl white. The top layer of the cake is decorated with crystal hearts and dove; both are considered as the elegant sign for everlasting love.

Forever Love Red Roses decoration idea used red fresh roses as its main attraction. The cake usually is square or rectangular in shape with several tiers. Dowels and cake separator are used between tiers. The cake frost is in pearl color and the cake base is in white color. Cream color royal icing is used to make roses and dots.

Orchid White Fondant Natural wedding cake decoration idea emphasizes on natural born love and comes in multiple tiers. The cake has multiple folded layers of greenish scroll work. The white fondant for the cake is garnished with spotted purple orchids and always avoids detailed table decorations as the cake itself is much complicated and detailed.

The Fresh Fruit Royal Icing wedding cake is built on the original love message that bridegroom needs to deliver to the bride. The cake is covered in marzipan and layered with fondant fresh white icing. Royal icing and simple scroll work are also added to the cake decoration. The top layer should consist of not more than three types of fruits. The fruits colors should be contrast as the base of the cake is in white.

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Wedding Table Decorations

So you are finally starting to plan all the details of your weddings. There are so many tasks that can take up your time. One of the major things that worry couples is the minute things, such as flower selection, party favors, and overall theme. However once most of these details are ironed out, the little things start to come out. When a theme is selected, the hall then needs to be decorated. After the hall is decorated, you have to worry about the reception. When sitting at tables as well as dancing and socializing, your guests will notice this environment as much as they noticed the church. However, I think that one of the main pieces will be the table centerpieces.

One of the most traditional choices for table centerpieces is the floral arrangements. It seems as though they are the easiest to match to any theme. The first decision you need to make is whether the flowers will be real or fake. Both options are equally as lovely, however some couples decide that they don’t want to be stuck with hundreds of artificial flowers. On the other hand, couples also choose not to throw out hundreds or real flowers. Another thing to debate when thinking of flowers, are the amount, color, as well as whether ribbons and other greenery will be used. Of course all of these options are decided by your preference. The final step, after deciding on an arrangement, is deciding what type of vase they will be placed in. Remember that the vase decided on is what can bring the arrangement together.

Another option for a table arrangement is candles. Candles can be an exciting option to add to a room. They can add fragrance as well as light. Or candles can simply be for decoration. The two major things to think about when deciding upon candles are fragrance and how they will be displayed. If the candles are to be burned, then fragrance is the next option that should be decided. Just remember that fragrance can affect the color, so if a couple is set on a fragrance, the color might have to be changed. The second option is generally pretty easily taken care of. Presentation of candles is usually in glass holders to optimize burning, or the display.

I hope that you have found a simple solution to arranging the tables. The trick to decoration is to match your surroundings as well as please the eye. Just look around and settle when you are finally happy with your decisions.

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