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lace wedding dresslace wedding dress

If you are the type of bride-to-be that is looking for a wedding gown that has some, or a lot of lace, there are a few things that you should know before you purchase your special dress. One thing is for sure, lace wedding dresses have been around for hundreds of years. And for some brides they are just as popular to day as they where centuries ago.

Today's Bride looking for that special dress with lace needs to remember that years ago lace was mostly made of fine cotton threading so it was considerably softer than some of today's versions. Now that is not to say that you can not find lace wedding dresses that are soft to the touch, but you certainly need to be mindful of the type of lace and where it is at on the gown in proximity to your skin.

Whether you are feeling vintage or simply wanting a more traditional look to your gown, you can usually tell how soft the lace on any wedding dress is by how it lays and by what material it is next to or layered with. If it is the softer type made of silk or cotton, or in some cases a finer nylon or polyester, it will lay flatter and have a fluffier look to it. Whereas a stiffer lace will possible backed up by a material like tulle or a have satin behind it.

That's the beauty of lace. You can have a very soft and flowing look on a gown that is mostly chiffon, silk or a lighter weight satin. Or you can go bolder and get a gown that is covered in lace with the unique addition of organza, tulle or matte satin. This is for the bride that likes texture and interesting details.

Consider adding a veil with a hem in the matching lace from your dress. This will bring your whole look together. You can also research vintage laces online and even incorporate your favorite design into your cake and wedding favors. There's a lot to love about lace and with a little knowledge, you can choose lace wedding dresses that are a true expression of who you are.

lace wedding dress

lace wedding dress

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