Pearl Necklace

Pearls are known by the source from which they come from . They are classified as the following. The purity and magic of pearls is known from time immemorial. Pearls have fascinated human beings from ancient times. Love of pearls is mentioned in epics. Indians and Chinese had a great liking for them. Lord Krishna is known to have taken pearls from the bottom of the seas to present them to his daughter Pandala on her wedding. Egyptians epitomized pearls as a symbol of wealth and power. Egyptians used brother of pearl as decoration. This picture below are example of necklace made from pearls. Check Them out!!!!!

Elegant Pearl Necklace with trendy design

Milky way Pearl Necklace with black and white color combination of pearls

Dress up your simple dress with this three-strand pearl necklace by Vera Wang. It features Three strands of cultured, naturally white pearls with faceted clustered crystals, and finished with a black fabric tie.

Glamor Pearl Necklace with shiny pearls design

Elegant v with diamond combination

Pretty Pearl Necklace with soft color of pearls

Cute Pearl Necklace with peach color of pearls

Cute and pretty Pearl Necklace with trendy design for your party

Elegant Pearl Necklace with diamond combination and unique design

Popular Pearl Necklace design

Trendy Pearl Necklace design

Green Pearl Necklace

Unique Pearl Necklace design

Beautiful Pearl Necklace with black pearls

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