Hot Trends in Wedding Photography

Like any other aspect of a wedding, the photography follows trends and fresh ideas. The stiff group portraits that were the standard in wedding photography for generations have become the exception rather than the norm. For inspiration for your own wedding, check out these hot trends in wedding photography.

Informal candids are definitely the most popular variety of wedding photos. They are intended less to be a visual record of who was at the wedding, and more as a fluid overview of some of the high points of the day. They should capture the mood and spirit of the wedding by giving the viewer glimpses into the little moments that make the day special. The bride might want her photographer to be there when she is getting into her bridal gown and wedding jewelry to get a snapshot of her dress going over her head or her sister struggling to pin on her veil. A good candid photographer will have an eye for the other memorable parts of a wedding, from capturing a meaningful glance exchanged by the bride and groom to the look of pure joy on the face of a flower girl on the dance floor. Your guest book will tell you who was at the wedding; the candid photos should show what they did and capture the festive spirit of the event.

Wedding photography taken in unusual places is one of the hottest rising trends in weddings. Many of these pictures are taken as engagement photos before the wedding, but they are nothing like the posed studio shots your parents had taken when they announced their betrothal. Urban backgrounds are particularly popular, ranging from black and white photos set against a towering city skyline to gritty scenes in front of graffitied brick walls. For couples who do not live in a city, popular backgrounds include seasides, natural locations, and even places like carnivals and zoos. These settings are also gaining popularity for day-of-wedding photography; the contrast between the wild setting and the bride in her exquisite bridal gown, veil, and wedding jewelry makes for an interesting juxtaposition which gives the pictures an edgy quality.

Another trend in wedding photography is to make pictures a part of the event itself, rather than just something to look over weeks later. The rise in digital photography has made this possible. For instance, you might have the photographer use the photos he took during the wedding ceremony and cocktail hour to project as a slideshow onto a wall during the reception. Digital photo booths are finding popularity instead of traditional wedding favors. The guests can go into the booth and have their pictures taken as an instant keepsake of the day. Some of the photo booths will even have a monitor on the outside which will show all of the pictures taken during the reception as a slideshow for everyone to enjoy. An added bonus is that the newlyweds can get a copy of all of their guests's pictures burned on a disc for them to have as a souvenir.

There are several other up and coming ideas in wedding photography, including using images of the bride and groom on save-the-date cards, favor boxes, and even the wedding cake. Many couples are eschewing the traditional heavy wedding album and choosing to have customized photo books created online instead. With all of the amazing technology at our fingertips, wedding photography is a field that is only going to continue evolving in new and fascinating directions.

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