Wedding Dress Styles in 2010

If you ladies are planning to get married in 2010, then you no doubt want to dive right into finding the hottest styles of the year. For about the last ten years, strapless dresses have dominated wedding dress styles over any type of sleeve. Both styles look to be equally as common in 2010, starting new trends in length, tightness, and designs.

Making the most waves in the latest wedding gown designs, would have to be Ivanka Trump's beautiful Vera Wang gown. The two ladies worked to create what Ivanka wanted - "something new." The hand-made lacy gown was inspired Princess Grace Kelly's 1956 gown when she tied the knot with Prince Rainer II of Monaco. The lines of the gown are somewhat illusionary, as the arm length ends beautifully right above the elbow. The dress is sure to inspire sleeves to come hurtling back into popular wedding dress styles. The patterns of sheer fabric look beautiful against the skin, not covering completely and adding visual interest to the gown.

Several styles from the forties and fifties are emerging as old looks with modern twists. These vintage throwbacks include ball gown, mermaid, and the classic 1950's housewife dress, turned into a wedding gown. The ball gown style is all elegance, and works very well to elongate the waist. Fitting tight around the torso, it begins to flare out at the hips, and keeps going, reaching to the floor. The tightness of the upper part of the dress works to give cleavage, and shape your whole body into a nice hourglass figure. Somewhat similar to the ball gown style, is the mermaid style, made popular by Audrey Hepburn. This style is a knockout figure-flatterer as it shapes the bust, waist, and hips before flaring out. Generally, the flare of the mermaid dress starts about midway down the thigh. Cinch that waist with a 1950's influenced gown. These gowns often appear somewhat conservative, and at times bulky. Most of them have a sash or belt around the waist, and begin to flare immediately below the waist. For anyone wishing to hide their hips, this dress will work nicely.

Are you getting married in the great outdoors, in the warm months of spring or summer and wish to choose a dress that will aid in your comfort. Also considered vintage, the tea-length dress comes just below the knee. These gowns are quite stylish, and look great strapless, spaghetti strapped, or half-sleeved. Plunging necklines send the eye down, and work well with simple necklaces. Occasionally, this style is worn with a tied-ribbon sash under the bust, which is very cute for a young bride.

Look like a goddess in a Grecian-style wedding gown. The Grecian look can be achieved by a long, silhouette of a dress, with a slight flowing feel or by using many layers that overlap one another. To catch the eye, choose certain areas of the dress to add detail. Opting for a halter or off the shoulder neckline can be beautiful ways to accent the Grecian look. Pleated v-necks offer a flattering appearance for the full-figured woman. Since this style is often open and airy, it is ideal for summer weddings.

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