Bridal Makeup 2011

Bridal Makeup

Do you know how to keep your smile perfect?

Kiss, kiss after after kiss. The lips are next to the tabs and their indispensable mask waterproof, the main victims of 'decanting' of the bride for her big day at the end of the ceremony, during the feast, greeting the guests ... A situation "complicated, requiring emergency measures to prove juicy lips" kissable "since your makeup in the morning until the very night of the wedding ... Want to know how to maintain your lips 'in perfect shape'? Takes note of our advice.

Being beautiful wedding day is a race to the bottom: just like your skin and skin pampering require 'extra', so your lips look just as radiant and hydrated you keep soft daily. One trick is very effective home every night gently rub with an old toothbrush or a damp towel: thus, helps exfoliate the surface and removing flakes by stimulating circulation. A layer of honey, a small drop of oil or Vaseline some ultrahidratante do the rest.

Protect them as they deserve, especially now that winter has arrived. Balms with SPF do wonders: do not forget to always carry a bag, and apply often if you're not on the street.

Betting ultrahidratante bar and decide to make up your lips in nude tones or intense color of the season. Make several tests before the big day and, if you have the help of a professional stylist or makeup, be sure to include your wedding kit identical bar that you have on hand at crucial moments, and after greetings or before the photo shoot.

Next to kissing, forks, spoons, napkins and cups are the main "enemies" of your perfect lips: no foolproof trick to watch them as they enjoy the banquet is to include a package of wipes Cleansing and a clear gloss on your makeup kit. Escape as soon have a free minute, and replaces your delicate lip color for another 'battle', that allows you to still look radiant look without having to worry about your look.

Get a smile XL highlighting not only the lips but also the corners or teeth: a row of white teeth create a perfect contrast and brightness to give your face. Light colors also give the impression of larger lips: apply a little gloss in the center of the lower lip, and do not forget to bring a touch of illuminator next to the corners.

Add tricks specialist to your kit: a foundation on the lips, a touch of powder, a profile of the same or lower pitch of the bar, and a brush to apply the color from the inside out will be more than enough to 'imitate 'the steps of a professional, even at 3 in the morning. The crowning touch: remove the remains 'kissing' a bit of paper, apply more powder, and ends with a final layer of color. Perfect.

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