La Sposa Bridal 2011

La Sposa Bridal 2011

Have you ever wondered why certain types of veils so expensive? What is it about that piece of cloth is worth a small fortune?

- To start a bridal veil of quality should be made of silk tulle. This type of fabric makes our veil has a perfect fall and not exaggerated volume contribution.

In addition, the net is a very transparent fabric (ideal for wedding veils) and can adapt well with crystals, lace and satin.

- Before you choose a veil, you know the type of dress you're taking, as well as how they want to wear.

All this will determine the measurements of your veil. But normally, the width is usually between 150 cm and 200. While the length varies between 150 cm and 3 meters.

- In addition, bridal veils can take many forms: oval, rectangular or rounded tips.

The only way depends on your personal taste and style that best matches your wedding dress.

In conclusion, it is a completely handmade and personalized process measures and tastes of each bride, makes the price of a bridal veil is triggered.


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